Democracy in the Bahamas stabbed in her MOST VITAL PARTS as the entire opposition voice was silenced!


Nassau – Bahamas Press is having serious concerns with the developments in the Bahamian Parliament, which has grind to a halt and today. Not only did the Speaker eject from the Lower House all sitting MPs for the opposition, but today, we saw Government Members in snickers and laughter supporting Speaker Moultrie’s low and nasty commentary in the chamber.

What later took place in the Parliament as MP after MP celebrated the silence of the opposition was the contribution of the MP for MICAL Pastor Miriam Emmanuel whose comments supported the abuse of women!

Now this was incredible! While democracy was being stabbed in her most vital parts, a woman began a conversation as to why a woman should be beaten when she come up against a man? What is this the Parliament of the Bahamas is descending to?

Ya know, we ga sit a watch these events and see if we will get any response from the Gender CREW! We ga see if Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson takes exception to these commentaries of violence against women, which had the full agreement and laughter by the sitting MPs in the Chamber! We ga watch, see and wait!

These are extremely interesting times.

We report yinner decide!