Desmond Bannister and Adrian Gibson are one in the same…

Desmond Bannister

NASSAU| As Adrian Gibson drowns in the Sewerage at the Corporation, we come today to bury Desmond Bannister in the public graveyards in the Public Works portfolio.

  1. The company CLEAN HAVEN MAINTENANCE, for the past 4 Years had a contract for the Southern Graveyard maintenance for $37,362.00
  2. The owner of the company is Prudence Black, a Security employee at Anatol Rodgers school.
  3. She is the mother of Shantae Clark.
  4. L.C. LANDSCAPING & MAINTENANCE, for the past 4 Years had the maintenance contract to maintain the Adelaide Graveyard at a cost of $13,200.00
  5. Shantae Clark is the owner of the company.

6.Shantae Clark is Assistant to the Minister of Works, Desmond Bannister.

  1. Shantae Black is the daughter of Prudence Black and Desmond Bannister.