Desperate Minnis hires FNM on 52-week programme to run the passport office in Governor’s Harbour – and the woman is not permanent or pensionable?

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NASSAU| The unlawful behaviour and lawless attitude of the OUTGOING Minnis Government is getting worse by the day.

Two weeks ago BP is learning the Government hired a number of people in South Eleuthera on the 52-week programme. 

One such person is a woman by the name of Ms Bridgette McQueen. She has been hired by the OUTGOING Government on a month-to-month basis to oversee the running of THE GOVERNOR’S HARBOUR Passport Office.

Why would an administration, who has less than 10 days on the clock, hire a person who is not Permanent and Pensionable to oversee the sensitive information of the People of South and Central Eleuthera. Ya’ll see this? 

Well, Ms McQueen should know she like the FNM has only two 10 days to start packing their bags in this community.

We report yinner decide!