Detention Centre filled to capacity as 172 illegal Haitian and Dominican Republic nationals were intercepted in waters off Rose Island


Another vessel is said to be headed for the capital…

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Illegal says he heard that plenty work is in Andros…

Nassau, Bahamas –– Hundreds of illegal migrants were caught in waters just off Rose Island this morning, Defence Force officers confirmed.

We can report a total of some 172 illegal nationals had made it up the Bahama chain, passing across even more dangerously rough ocean waters before entering on the Northeastern side of New Providence.

One news station is reporting some of the migrants may have died during the voyage, however no bodies have been found.

We can report some 170 of the illegals are Haitian nationals, and the remainder are believed to be Dominican Republic nationals.

Defence Force officials have confirmed there is intel which strongly suggests that a second loaded vessel is approaching the capital and could land anytime soon.

Bahamas Press renews our call for two Black Hawk Helicopters and drones to assist Defence Force Officials in keeping the borders of the Bahamas protected.

Many of the Haitian vessels are usually loaded with guns and drugs which we know are reeking havoc on a once peaceful society.

We report yinner decide!