Dey Didn’t Launch AGAIN! NewCo fails again to meet launch date for second mobile phone…



Nassau, Bahamas – All our predictions are true once again as Cable Bahamas’ second mobile company NewCo has found serious problems in launching its mobile service in the country.

With major damage to its untested infrastructure on Grand Bahama and New Providence, Damian Blackburn, is at a loss for excuses as to why his mobile firm failed to launch its mobile service in the capital on October 1st.

Over the weekend a “Soft” launch was had in what many are now describing as the “Taste da Rainbow” mobile launch in the country. Few attended the RAINBOW event – so much so that no photos of the flopped event made the dailies or social media.

NewCo had nothing to give away to the community nor was there any idea as to when for certain the new service will be up and running.

“In the most critical time when customers needed service from Cable Bahamas during Hurricane Matthew, had NewCO launched on its October 1st date a real test of the system would have been their best shot in the market. But not our surprise every service by Cable Bahamas went down. We couldn’t trust them then, so you know now is a joke…,” a disgruntled Cable Bahamas customer told BP.

URCA in late October confirmed it was investigating NewCo to see whether the company had met its performance bond obligation and determine if service had been made possible to consumers.

We are now learning that NewCo will make another attempt to launch its service on November 23rd, almost two months from its promised October 1st target.

Where is URCA’s investigation ya think?

We report yinner decide!