Dey say they ga keep da money in the Bahamas? But get dis – dey ain’t Bahamian…


Aliv say they created more jobs than projected – We ask the question: Look who got all the top jobs! Is URCA regulator or facilitator for Aliv?

Alan Bates, Damian Blackburn and Johnny Ingle. Why ya think Aliv didn’t announce many in its C-Suites?

Nassau, Bahamas – And so Alive launched its business packages last night and boy dat was a joke.

The main joke was a suggestion by the presenters, which said that Aliv created 250 jobs. You must wonder how true is that statement because when we asked the people standing outside the Aliv ice cream-looking van in South Beach, they told us that they had volunteered their services. And then we have the people in the call centre on Grand Bahama some who didn’t last on the job for a month. We challenge the media to checkup on Aliv NIB contributions. That would tell the real story.

But what is most interesting about this claim [250 jobs] is how so many forget what David Burrows the top marketing man at Cable Bahamas told the Tribune on July 12th, 2016. He said that it was projected that the second mobile company would create “100 to 150 jobs”.

The second part of that Aliv jobs comment last night was this: All the speakers except the chairman Mr. Butler were not Bahamian. Mr. Damian Black a former Digicel top man spoke he ain’t Bahamian. He got an Aliv job! Allen Bates another former Digicel top man spoke and he ain’t Bahamian; and have a job at Aliv. They hired Jonny Ingle as a top man at Aliv another Digicel personality, and he too is not Bahamian. Who are the real owners? Is this another Digicel company which walked through the backdoor and tricked the Christie Government?

And while the all usual suspects cautioned those at the event that the couple dollars generated at Aliv is staying in the Bahamas, we remind you how Digicel sends everything back to home – OUTSIDE THE BAHAMAS! But ya know some people would really believe what they say, not BP! We know better.

While work permits are constantly being issued out of the Department of Immigration for Aliv top executives, Bahamians, who have academically prepared their lives with master’s degrees, were forced to accept entry jobs at that same company. What is dis?

If every there was ever time ya need da Lord in the Bahamas it is now!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Nothing new here, and the University of the Bahamas is not going to improve the sad & educated lot of Bahamians that stay at home to apply for these positions.

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