Dialysis patient found dead inside his car on the grounds of PMH

Live scenes yesterday at PMH where a 42-year-old dialysis patient was found dead in his vehicle.

NASSAU| Police opened an investigation on the grounds of the Princess Margaret Hospital where a dialysis patient was found dead inside his vehicle on Friday.

BP is learning that man who just did his dialysis treatment on Thursday, returned to PMH unable to get medical assistance. 

The patient we are told was discovered dead inside his vehicle after being unable to gain access into the PMH! He was at the hospital seeking help from Friday morning, but could not access health services. 

This case reminds us of another dialysis patient who died recently and had to connect himself to the machines as no medical assistance was given to him before he died.

The PHA in their short release only identified the deceased male as a 42-year-old who was discovered around 2pm. 

We report yinner decide!