Residents on Bimini suffers a five hour power outage by BPL…

People paying their bills in BPL and yet the power continuously goes off! file photo

Bimini| Residents on the island of Bimini this morning are complaining about not having adequate power supply to the community.

This morning (Saturday) the power supply went off-line from 7am this morning.

The community joins areas on New Providence like in Coral Harbour and Garden Hills, which were also turned off this morning and go off on a regular basis in the country.  Some parts of New Providence power, water and internet goes off every day! WHAT IS THIS?

BPL had invested some 125 million dollars in new power generation equipment. With higher power bills paid monthly residents across the country continue to endure power outages for hours every day!

Bahamas Press is filing a formal complaint to URCA, which regulates such poor services. BPL continues to violate its service agreement contract with its customers!

We report yinner decide!