Did the barge which severed the BPL cable in Briland have insurance?


Briland left in darkness for Christmas thanks to the Island MP Rickey Mackey!

BPL BOARD – File photo.

BRILAND| The community of Harbour Island had no power supply for hours during the Christmas holiday after the cable was cut by a garbage barge operated by a sitting politician.

Now, BPL has issued a statement following the incident confirming the accident and announcing the power had been restored on December 26th. BPL confirmed in that statement that the investigation into the cause of the cable cutting was due to be released on Friday. We at BP await the details of that report.

What is interesting is that the sitting MP Rickey Mackey owns the barge that is suspected to have caused the accident. The big question now is this: Did the barge have insurance? And with that being said, will that insurance, if it exists, pay for the losses incurred from the power failure across Harbour Island?

And here’s another question: Did URCA fine BPL for its failure to supply power to Harbour Island residents?

We report yinner decide!