DNA Candidate in Golden Isles do not know where Coral Vista is…VELL MUDDO!!


DNA candidate don't know the constituency he seeks to represent.

Green man dem lost in space!

Nassau, Bahamas – The DNA is truly a green Party. Green ideas, green vision and absolutely green about having any knowledge where they are running.

BP was monitoring the Green pages of the DNA today and we came across some comments posted to its lost in space candidate in Golden Isles.

A question posted by a voter to the bud light party candidate read, “….havent seen any DNA canidate in Coral Vista.”

The voter got the following response from DNA candidate Forrell Goff, “….Can you tell me exactly where Coral Vista is please? I’m thinking it is a gated community heading towards Adelaide Village on the Northern side of the street. Is this correct?”

Cat Island's king drunkard led DNA meeting into chaos last week as he opened the DNA's meeting in prayer. The meeting erupted in chaos and had to be closed down. What a waste of time.

My wonder! What is this? Here is a man seeking to represent an area and he is clearly ignorant of the area. Does he not have a MAP? Can anyone in the DNA read a MAP? Do candidates even know what are the perimeters of their constituencies?  Boy dey GREEN EH?

It gets worse when you follow the leader of the DNA Branville McCartney. The former FNM Cabinet Minister landed last week Tuesday on Cat Island the same time as FNM candidate Michael “Crazy Boyooo” Pintard. While Pintard came by himself, McCartney traveled with a core team.

The ‘Bud Light Bran’ was taken around the island by the island’s king drunkard. But what we could not help laughing at was this. Intoxicated with the most powerful brew in the Caribbean, the island’s drunkard was asked by Branville to open the evening meeting with prayers.

Fumbling over the words as he exhaled clouds of rum, the island’s drunkard got mixup with the prayer. We could not believe what we were seeing. The Bible said a little child shall lead them – not a drunkard! It is no wonder why that meeting last week ended in a row and had to be closed down before chairs started to fly.

McCartney showed poor judgment before the good decent people of Cat Island. And if elected, we believe he will like Papa show poor judgment in running the country.

Da Island’s Drunk leading the prayer? VELL MUDDOS!!! Imagine what will happen if Bran was Prime Minister? The first drunkard could be appointed chaplain of the Parliament.

We report Yinner decide!