Brent Symonette to be appointed Chairman of APD…


From Cabinet Minister to APD Chairman?

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News on Bahamas Press confirm current Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for St. Anne’s, Brent Symonette, is set to be appointed Chairman of the Arawak Port Development [APD] after he demits office following the General Elections.

Sources close to Symonette confirm the MP’s vast interest is hidden in one of the 19 companies associated with APD.

A call to disclose who are the individuals hidden behind the 19 companies representing the Port has come as high as from the halls of Parliament. On his feet in House, Member of Parliament for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador, Philip Brave Davis, pressed questions to the Cabinet of The Bahamas over the Conflicts of Interest on the Arawak Port Development Project.

Davis has asked the Ingraham government repeatedly in the House, who are the people in the Cabinet hidden in the group of 19 companies in the APD deal?

Readers know Earl Deveaux is one such Cabinet Minister involved in the deal, as he openly on the floor of the Parliament disclosed his interest in the Port.

Bahamas Press wonders, who else in the Ingraham Cabinet is behind the Port “rip-off” ? Does Hubert Ingraham have an interest in APD? Does Brent Symonette have an interest in the Arawak Port Development Company? If yes, one must wonder how did this happen?

Taxpayers owned Kelly Island and dredged the Nassau Harbour at the expense of the public in the amount of some 52 million dollars. We also know taxpayers presented a cheque in the amount of 28 million dollars for its said 40% holdings in APD. However, after all this massive investment by the People of The Bahamas, we have yet to hear whether or not the 19 companies have yet presented a dime in APD. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?

Symonette announced his intent to demit office following the next election, but refuse to answer the question as to what were his future plans after he leaves Parliament.

Readers should remember Symonette’s wealth JUMPED TO 60 MILLION DOLLARS while he sat in Cabinet.

No word of this development has come from the Symonette camp, which we are told, are furious following this breaking story.

Bahamas Press meanwhile has nothing to prove for we reported last year June, that Symonette was set to leave front-line politics following the wiki-leaks revelations.  Symonette made the announcement of his intent to leave politics during the FNM Candidates launch.

We report Yinner Decide.