DNA Chairman Confirms FNMs are seeking out DNA candidates


MP for Bamboo Town Branville McCartney called by a former DNA candidate a Pathological LIAR!

DNA Chairman confirms FNM staking out DNA candidates

Nassau, Bahamas — Democratic National Alliance Party Chairman Mark Humes has confirmed to the Tribune that the Free National Movement cannot find able candidates for the upcoming General Elections and, according to Humes, is “courting a lot of DNAs because now they recognize the value of the DNA.”

The confirmation of the political grab by the FNM came following BP’s announcement that South Abaco DNA candidate Roscoe Thompson III was headed into talks with Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on New Year’s Eve.

Thompson has since denied the claims by Bahamas Press, suggesting they were untrue and unfounded. However, BP’s senior editor confirmed just days before the said meeting that Thompson told key generals about the meeting and was threatened with a revolt by his supporters if he jumped ship to the FNM.

Further, the senior editor noted that Thompson made a series of calls to FNM and DNA supporters in the surrounding communities, personally asking them to stand with him pending a decision. Thompson also shot down that claim online repeatedly as he castigated Bahamas Press.

However, Humes is convinced that the FNM is not taking any chances with allowing the DNA to take votes from the Party. Humes told the Tribune, “The FNM is gonna try and see if there are any weak links in the DNA, not because they are really interested in these guys. They are only playing a game.

“They play games with the Bahamian people. This is what we’re tired of.”

Meanwhile, former DNA ratified candidate for Fort Charlotte, Steve McKinney has since left the Party, calling Branville McCartney a “Pathological Liar and a fraud”.

In an exclusive with Bahamas Press, McKinney tabled key letters confirming him in writing as the candidate for Fort Charlotte, a claim McCartney said on national TV was not so.