DNA leader now wants Ingraham to advise his Party – After his Party called for PAPA to apologise to the nation? WELL CHAL PLEASE!


DNAs ordered to call Branville Prime Minister and worship him – Welcome to the country’s newest political CULT!

The Island's drunkard led DNA meeting - Party now acting like they are under the leadership of another dunk sailor.

Why should Ingraham teach DNA democracts? Papa could only teach them how to be another dictator hey? Branville MIX-UP!

Nassau, Bahamas — An interesting conversation has begun within the DNA these days where they are attempting to stop the hemorrhage of support from the organization.

Many Bahamians believe the DNA is only a shell of Branville and Chris Mortimer who are simply seeking the chance to stay relevant until the next cycle of elections.

This morning in the dailies, McCartney further showed his lack of consistency when he called for the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to join young DNA Democrats and pass his experience on to them.

Hubert Ingraham like a drunking sailor left the FNM and the country broke - What could he teach the DNA?

What is interesting is the fact that Branville appear to forget the cloud of suspicion he and others placed on the former PM as a dictator and a tyrant; yet now he is calling for him to teach his few young supporters?

Or how about this? Just last year, August 18th, 2013 to be exact, in a statement Branville McCartney called for the former PM Ingraham to “Apologise” to the Bahamian people on his poor performance on crime. His poor performance in Education. His poor  performance on Immigration and on his sale of the country’s patrimony in BTC.

Here is what McCartney said in that statement:

“The DNA believes that if the former Prime Minister (Hubert Ingraham) is issuing apologies, then he should first and foremost apologize to the Bahamian people.

“An apology is most necessary for the sale of BTC. We can see today that this was a mistake. In this regard, I would ask if the former Prime Minister would issue an apology to his former parliamentary colleagues when he said, referring to the BTC sale, that if they did not vote in favor of the sale, he would call a snap election. Indeed the former Prime Minister must have seen the writing on the wall from back then.

“I wonder if the former Prime Minister would apologize to the Bahamian people for causing many businesses to go out of business because of the road works and change in traffic direction, in particular in the inner city. Hundreds of families have not regrouped and are suffering financially as a result of these actions of the former Prime Minister.

“Is there an apology forthcoming by the former Prime Minister for having an overwhelming record breaking five year period of murders?

“Is the former Prime Minister going to apologize for not having the political will to put in place effective immigration policies to stem the flow of illegal immigrants to this country and the development of shanty towns? Is he going to apologize to the Bahamian people for blocking suggested policies on Immigration? Was there an apology by the former Prime Minister for releasing 110 illegals from the Detention Centre who never returned, some of whom were associated with criminal activities?”

The statement by the DNA leader is chilling and shows his raw disgust for the failed leadership of Hubert Ingraham.

Sometime we at Bahamas Press believe Branville McCartney has a dangerous split personality and is so hungry to be elected these days that he would make a deal with the devil just to gain power. It is no wonder that the few DNA members these days are being asked to address him as Prime Minister in secret.


But now McCartney wants the former PM to teach DNAs how to govern? And mentor them to the future of the country?

We have said it all along – The DNA is and will always be an offspring of the FNM.

Chile, Please!