Company first to market with the Samsung Note 8 Device

Alphanique Duncombe VP Mobile

Nassau, The Bahamas. September 18, 2017. “We want our customers to do bigger things! That’s the theme behind the launch of the new Samsung Note 8 device,” said Alphanique Duncombe, Vice President for Mobile.

As a partner of Samsung, BTC always has the luxury of testing the company’s devices for network compatibility prior to its launches. The company began testing the Samsung Note 8 device about four weeks ago and is excited to bring the product to market.

“This device is certainly a step above the rest with new features like wireless charging, a larger infinity display than the S8, an improved S-Pen that even allows you to create and share animated GIF’s. The Note 8 provides more immersive viewing with a larger screen, the device takes better photos and also has a front facing camera. The storage is doubled with 64GB built in, and even better security is provided with a fingerprint reader and an iris scanner,” Duncombe continued.

BTC was also the first mobile company in the country to introduce the Samsung S8 device. The Samsung Note 8 devices will be in the company’s sixty plus retail outlets throughout the country within weeks.

“Again, we are proud to be one of the first mobile operators in the region to offer this new device to our customers. It is important for us to continue to meet our customers’ needs, and one of those needs is being the first to have access to the latest and the best devices available.”

In addition to ensuring that customers have the latest devices, Duncombe also stressed the importance of customers also having the best options for services. “We are also inspired by the Samsung Note 8’s mantra to do bigger things, and over the last several months we have continued to add value to our prepaid and postpaid plans.

Right now we are offering the absolute best rate for prepaid customers with 30GB of data in our $35 prepaid plan, our $25 prepaid plan is now also giving 12GB of data.

These are all thirty day plans, not seven day plans as compared with other companies. There is simply no other carrier right now that can rival these offers. Plus all summer long all mobile customers both prepaid and postpaid enjoyed free incoming calls while roaming with BTC,” she added.

“We also launched our Back to School Spin and Win campaign. With this campaign, a lucky customer will win $10,000 in cash, which can be a jumpstart for a scholarship.

Also over 1,200 other customers will win a variety of prizes to assist parents with their back to school efforts. Just a week ago, BTC also embarked on a new two year commitment with the Ranfurly Home to provide continued support for the twenty six children entrusted in the home’s care.”

BTC carries a wide range of Samsung products including the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 Edge, the Samsung J7, the J2Prime, the Samsung A3 and the J1 Ace. Just this summer, the company met with Samsung’s President for Latin America. BTC also received a full overhaul in its flagship stores with modern and fully intuitive Samsung experience tables.