Double homicide in Nassau Village mother and 10-year-old-daughter shot to death inside home…

Live shots from the crime-scene.

NASSAU| We are now updating the public that a mother and daughter have been found dead inside a home on Stark Ave, Nassau Village where there has been a domestic dispute. 

The pair were found dead in a gruesome discovery inside the home.

Bahamas Press is now learning more this morning in that double homicide.

We are learning that the victims are a mother, who is a 30 -year-old woman, and her 10-year-old daughter. Both were found shot to death inside their bed.

Police are tight-lipped on the discovery and are hinting that this was a domestic dispute but saying very little else.

WHAT IF THIS WAS A HOME INVASION? I wonder if it is indeed a domestic incident as suggested – WHO IS THE PERSON OF INTEREST WE IN THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR? 

Women are being brutally murdered in the Bahamas and little is being said about their cases.

Just last week a woman was found beaten and bruised on a beach in Lower Bogue Eleuthera. 

And the next day, last Sunday, the niece of Sir Michael Barnett was found murdered inside a home on Dowdswell Street. Initially, before BP broke these stories, police reported nothing about the discoveries.

The homicides in Nassau Village push the count to 55 and 56 for the year.

We report yinner decide!