Double Homicide on Pitt Road this morning!


Man on bail for murder back in 2017 gunned down along with another in homicides #75 and #76 today…

Amal Hunter

NASSAU| Jail members of a gang celebrated this morning after getting the news that leader of the Crack Nation Gang on the island of New Providence was ambushed and shot dead early this morning around 7am.

BP is reporting that gang member shot dead on Pitt Road ( That’s the road behind Christie Park) is Amal Hunter, 33, alias Bow, of Kemp Road.

Hunter you would recall back in January 27th, 2017 was charged with the murder of Kino Kelly that same month. Hunter was known to police. He was also believed to be behind the murder of several other rival gang-members leading into the holidays.

Hunter we understand was on bail. The other victim in that double homicide has been identified as one Calvin Archer. Police tell us they are investigating this incident as the streets across the country turn red hot at at the close of 2020.

We report yinner decide!

Live scenes at that Pitt Road double homicide this morning.