DAVIS: Terence Bethel was a trusted, reliable and competent political ally and friend


Statement of condolences by the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party On the passing of PLP National Vice Chairman Terence Bethel

Terence Bethel

STATEMENT: Today is indeed a sad day for the Progressive Liberal Party as we also end the year 2020 on a sad note with the untimely passing of our friend, colleague, brother and frontline soldier, National Vice Chairman Terence Bethel.

Terence was a trusted, reliable and competent political ally and friend, fully committed to and supportive of my reform measures within the party.

He actively participated in the life of our party – successfully seeking elected office as a National Vice Chairman and was a founding member of the Men’s Branch. He recently drew national attention to important issues facing our men and boys as a participant in a symbolic Parliamentary sitting and debate.

As an aspirant candidate, Terence actively sought the PLP nomination in the Marathon constituency. He believed in the progressive cause and the message of the PLP, and offered his talents to serve his country in public life.

A trained accountant, Terence would use the national platform of talk radio to offer public advice on business and accounting in addition to thoughtful opinions and analyses on any number of issues of national import. He wanted The Bahamas to realize it’s full potential.

Opposition Leader Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

His was a life full of purpose and selfless service to others though cut short, barely in the prime of his life.

It is not for me to question the plan of God, but to thank Him for loaning Terence Bethel to us for the short time he sojourned with us.

We thank Terence for his service to our party. He will remain alive in our hearts and thoughts as we who remain shoulder on in our noble fight for the soul and future of this beloved country.

On behalf of my wife Ann Marie, Deputy leader I. Chester Cooper and Mrs. Cooper, National Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell, Officers, members and supporters of the Progressive Liberal Party, I extend heartfelt condolences to the Bethel family on Terence’s passing during their hour of bereavement.

May his soul rest in peace.