Duane Sands refuses to allow family members to receive the remains of their loved ones now in a trailer parked in the back of the Marsh Harbour Clinic…


Duane Sands fires the Chief Mortician on Abaco who kept proper records of the deceased –

A trailer filled with 68 hurricane Dorian victims behind the Abaco Clinic.
Minister of Health Duane Sands –

NASSAU| A serious developing story is coming out of Abaco where family members of deceased loved ones have put questions to Minister of Health Duane Sands which remain unanswered.

Some are describing the developing situation on the ground on Abaco as close to genocide as the slow process to recover Hurricane Dorian victims is still being done three months after the killer hurricane struck.

Bahamas Press can now report that a trailer now stationed at the back of the Marsh Harbour clinic contains the remains of some 68 hurricane victims. Many of the victims have been identified and/or DNA samples have been collected so as to identify them.

However, some family members who have identified their loved ones and have requested a release of their remains have been denied that right with Minister Sands refusing to have a death certificate drawn up!

Why would Duane Sands abuse the family of hurricane victims like this?

Who is he protecting?

Is Sands protecting the Insurance companies that wish to stall any payouts to families who have lost their loved ones?

Several family members have identified their relatives but have been unable for months now to get the Minister of Health to act in releasing their remains to them. This is wrong!

Meanwhile, Bahamas Press is learning the Minister has fired the chief mortician on the island of Abaco who was initially responsible for the collection and logging of bodies in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. What a disaster! What could it be Duane Sands does not want to get out in this barbaric treatment of relatives now in distress?

Bahamas Press will get more details on these developments as the press continues to abandon the plight of families on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The Government in its official count claims some 70 persons [10 on Grand Bahama and 60 in Abaco ] lost their lives as a result of Hurrican Dorian’s passage over those northern islands. But islanders claim hundreds died with hundreds more still missing from the communities.

We report yinner decide!