Dying newspapers got it wrong again on the appointment of The new Deputy Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle

Tribune headline should read “Paul Rolle appointed Deputy Commissioner”.

NASSAU| Our legal teams have suggested expressly that it would be improper for anyone to suggest that Paul Rolle is “Acting” Deputy Commissioner of Police as the Constitution speaks to no such title.

We having carefully examined the Constitution of the Bahamas are now satisfied and are of the view that there is no provision for the appointment of an Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police!

Articles 95 and 101 permit appointments of (acting) Justices of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal respectively but Article 119 doesn’t permit appointment of an Acting COP or Acting Deputy COP.

Now we are BP are no Constitutional Scholars, but again this announcement is interesting since Article 118(5) permits an Acting appointment to the post of Member of the Police Service Commission but not the Chairman.

Who are the persons heading up that Commission anyway that they have failed to correct the media?

What is most interesting though is this: No one in the Ministry of National Security or Inside the Cabinet of the Bahamas corrected the newspapers in the errors posted in this announcement! Ya think they know this?

Anyway, we at BP now invite the great, sound legal minds all across the country to bring clarity to this conversation so that Paul Rolle, who will be appointed the new Commissioner of Police this summer, that no matter what the papers wrote, and no matter what some in Cabinet might have told him – He is the new Deputy Commissioner of Police. (NOT ACTING DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE).

Well what in da hell is dis?

We report yinner decide!