Environment Minister Earl Deveaux

We here at BP pause to celebrate World Environment Week. We note the proclamation signed by the Prime Minister in the Dailes today. We however, feel compelled to write on the destruction and havoc the “ Mugabe” Government led by Hubert Ingraham is perpetrating on the Bahamas . We speak about the Mangroves at Bimini Bay, the trees being burnt for coal on Carmichael Road , the destruction of the foreshore of Saunders Beach and numerous other instances of degradation of the environment. And most recently the BELL ISLAND MASSACRE AND INFAMOUS HELICOPTER RIDES BY THE CABINET MINISTER!

What has even ticked us further is Earl Deveaux and the Government now announcing that the garbage landfill will be given to foreigners to run and that you, the taxpayers will have to pay for your garbage to be collected. This is done with no consultation to “We the People”.  What is even worst is that the company Cambridge has no money and wants to borrow it locally. What are they bringing to the table? Mr. Deveaux says that they will sell shares, well surely the small man cannot buy any shares. The institutional investors will buy the shares. This is the same foolishness Deveaux and the Prime Minister is spewing about the Arawak Cay Port deal. We all know some of the 19 owners are involved in three or four of the companies. We all know according to the Central Bank figures, more than 95% of the savings in this Country, is held by less than 10% of the population. So pray tell us, who will be able to buy the shares? not Mama and cousin Zeke and Aunt Rhoda. It will be the very same people who hold the preference shares.

In the situation of the landfill, why could it not be sold to the staff ?, the Govt could guarantee the loan and the staff would be the preference shareholders and sell enough shares to the Public to raise the required funds. This would be the Christian and decent thing to do, this is how you empower your people, but nooooooo, it is all about White people with Earl and Hubert. It is your land, but they want to give it to the foreigners, they want you to be slaves and not owners.

We should take back all of the hundreds of Acres of Crown Land that Earl Deveaux has in Andros and give it to foreigners, let us see how he would feel.

We here at BP call for Deveaux’s removal as he does not have the best interest of Bahamians at heart and he now shares the dubious distinction of being the second person to be declared “Demon of the Week”. The first was the now defrocked Archdeacon Bowleg.



    WE! WE!

  2. next time Earl please catch the bus….and make sure the driver is a bahamian…ok u damn if u do and damn if u dont. so ask him for his ID.

  3. I am amazed that no one in the government or opposition has not realized yet that Mr. Deveaux should not be in charge of the environment and utilities.

    This Minister is responsible for all the agencies that any permit must pass through. Who is there to stop him from getting a FREE RIDE

  4. Where is PC’s voice on all this!
    Why hasn’t he come out and said that he and his party will vote no to the 2010/2011 budget?
    Who is he protecting?
    Where is his alternative budget?
    Cool PC needs to get damn hottt!!!

  5. Earl Deveaux has no land in Andros. This lie has been spread by the PLP. He was stripped of his leases in Andros by the spiteful and vindictive PLP which says it wants to encourage agriculture! He has no land in Andros, but has always pioneered agriculture in the Bahamas.

    BP did not have anything to say about the suffering Bahamians when fires engulfed the island of New Providence. Now that a credible response is being discussed, they reduce it to misinformation, division and the usual politics.

    When the PLP approved Bimini Bay BP had nothing to say. When Earl Deveaux and The FNM went to Bimini, stopped the project and reduced it to manageable size BP had nothing to say. When the Marine Protected area in Bimini was established BP had nothing to say. But now it can see harm?? The FNM and Earl Deveaux have saved Bimini Bay, Bimini’s mangroves and brought order to the development by their actions.

    The staff at DEHS would be the first to get shares in any solid waste privitization. The idea of a small man is a way of reducing everything to race, division and politics without advancing the nation. Every employee affected would get a gratuity. $500, $1000, $2000 is not beyond the means of these people and they would earn five to ten times more on their money, have a pension and a means to buy a stake in a firm they work in. What is BP’s option??

    Earl Deveaux woild love to have a mere 100 acres of crown land in Andros, much less the thousands of acres BP claims he has.

    BP…Get a life!!!

    • YOU IS A DAMN LIAR DOROTHY BAIN and the truth is NOT IN YOU! Bimini Bay was signed, sealed and delivered by PAPA, FRANK WATSON and the band of misfits in the first FNM GOVERNMENT! They stole all the people land at Bimini Bay and gave it away to Capo. We know of the deal intently and you should be SHAME to come on here and spread such LIES!

      Watson is the godfather of Capo and has a resident in the gated property on the island.

      It is also a DAMN LIE to suggest Earl ‘DEMON OF THE WEEK’ DEVEAUX has no land in Andros. Perhaps now he doesn’t because he’s completed flipping them for profit. Everybody and they mama on the island knows of Earl’s misdealings in this matter.

      Moreover on the matter of our attacks on the FNM government you should know Ingraham holds the government at this time in the life of the Bahamas, and we ga punish him for the WICKEDNESS he has perpetrated against the Bahamian people! Stay tuned more to come!

      Bahamas Press / Editor

  6. Where are the FNM apologists who once frequented this site and had lots of dodo quips?The people of this country will very shortly have a say in determining if they want to go along with all that is not happening and VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It is so amazing. They can run the Govt, run up record deficits and major increase in the national debt and we must trust them to run the Country. But, they want to give the landfill to foreigners and sell BEC to a comoany they brought in to review BEC. This is like leaving the rat to watch the cheese. Why these misfits can destroy the economy of the Country, yet want to give everything to foreigners?. Earl and the whole lousy lot in the FNM are traitors and they should all be called Demons. We need to cast them out.

  8. When will the governments past and present going to take the lead from the Grand Bahama Port Authority and hire Onyx to fix their garbage in Nassau and the entirre Bahamas like they have done in Freeport.

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