Elite Athletes Leave Bahamas Olympic team in CRISIS!


Men teams competing at Olympic trials here in Nassau yesterday. Photo by Kermit Taylor

Senior track team deliver medical letters to avoid competition … Are they on drugs? Are they pregnant? Or is it the fact that they are not well?

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms the Bahamas Olympic Team is in Crisis.

Yesterday, the national qualifying Olympic trial events began at the Thomas A. Robinson Track and Field venue. BP was on the track and what unfolded was shameless!

Scores of elite athletes submitted medical records at the opening of the trials, which gave them the ability to pass up competition at this weekend’s event.

The question is this: If athletes cannot present fitness certificates now at the trials, when will they be ready?

Save for one female athlete in the 4 X 100, all others presented medical records, passing up the meet yesterday.

Why? Are they pregnant?

The event is a must for competition in London, just weeks away? So what are we going to do in London? Just march into the stadium and watch the games?

And what gets Bahamas Press so upset with all this is the fact that all of the elite athletes are on subventions [ They are getting paid by the people of the Bahamas to represent the Bahamas!].

This is not good. If we cannot qualify and compete at home, how in the hell ya ga win abroad at the Olympics?

This is distressing news. With years to prepare and no one ready to compete.

Two big sponsors promoting the trials and the elite athletes cannot get their [you know what we want say] together.

Bahamas Press asks the question again: Why is it national elite athletes cannot compete at the national Olympic trials?

One major athlete for the Bahamas never even showed up for the events yesterday. WHAT IS THIS?

Are they on drugs? Are they pregnant? Or is it the fact that they are not well and cannot complete for the Olympics.

Boy, dis something eh? If ya don’t laugh you will cry!

We report yinner decide!


  1. We as Bahamian people need to the understand the sport before we start talking. Like in any sport, injuries are unexpected. No athlete knows when an injury can happen. Yes we want to see our top track athletes compete at home but at what risk. Do we want them to come home to run with a strain or not severe injury after they have already made the qualifying standard for the London 2012 Olympics games? Coming home to run could be detrimental to the athlete and his/her career. At that point they will not be running home nor representing the country at Olympics. So instead of coming and running themselves into the ground, they are getting the treatment that is needed to be ready to go in London. We have to think about the athletes, not our own selfish understandings and asking questions that is irrelevant and none of our business. If it was so easy to run track and compete we all would be doing it. Point blank.

    • Danielle, you are correct to a certain degree, however, it in mandatory by the IOC for athletes to participate in their country’s national trial whether they meet the standard or not. If three other persons had met the standard in any of those events at the trials, those who didn’t participat would have to be left at home. But they knew that with them not in the event to push the field that the times would be much slower and there would be less of an opportunity for anyone else to qualify which I believe is very selfish on their part. No other country’s athletes do that, some of the fastest times are ran at other countries national trials because they want as many as possible to qualify, and are competing to win but also to push others in the process. This was the the most poorly contested trials ever, and the Bahamian public whose government pay these athletes deserve more.

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