Elizabeth resident says she is backing Coleby-Davis as Duane Sands owes the nation an apology!


Polls show Daune Sands getting beat three to one in Lizzy!

Duane Sands just after getting chased off Bay Street during the Corned Beef Rebellion in Rawson Square on June 14th 2018.

NASSAU| If there is one CUT-YINNER-KNOW-WHAT we at BP wants to see in this upcoming General Elections – which can be called any minute now – is the defeat and retirement of Duane Sands from the public.

Sands you know is running in the Great Constituency of Elizabeth aka LIZZY. This community are rallying hard behind INCOMING MP Jobeth Coleby-Davis the powerful rising star in the PLP.

Coleby-Davis in the polls are beating Sands three-to-one, as she is holding constituency meetings on parks because of the huge number of supporters. 

One Elizabeth constituent told BP, “Duane Sands owes the Bahamain People an apology for his initial exercise to kill Bahamians by advising them to not take the COVID19 Vaccines in the initial stages of the pandemic.

“Imagine that! The man who could not survive as the Minister for Health after breaking the Emergency Powers Rules, discouraged Bahamians in his office not to take the vaccines which has resulted in many deaths since this pandemic! He owes the nation an apology!”

Polls by BBB Analytics show Sands trailing badly and shall be defeated in Elizabeth by PLP newcomer Jobeth Coleby Davis!