Executive Team At Colina Fired!



Nassau, Bahamas: Here is another story where only readers of Bahamas Press would confirm that we keep the country’s ear to the ground. The parent company of The Nassau Guardian, Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited has fired members of its management team on Tuesday. Bahamas Press learned late last evening that President of Colina, Mr. Montgomery Braithwaite was fired from the largest insurance company in the country.

Bahamas Press was also informed that along with the President’s departure, many members of his team including; Dashwell Flowers, VP of Sales and Angela Taylor, Director of Underwriting and New Business were also given letters of dismissal.

These latest developments, signals another nasty fallout at the insurance giant. Once again, in this latest clean out, Colina’s ‘big boss’ and ‘TRUST AGENDA TWIN’ Emanuel Alexiou has wipeout the executive team. In 2005 Colina board removed its president and shareholder James Campbell, which then lead to a long court battle between his former business associate Emanuel Alexiou. The company then saw the dismissal of Campbell’s entire executive team and the resignation of Mr. Ravi Jesubathan, CFO.

Staff morale at that time came at a dangerous level, as Colina had just gobbled up 100 year-old insurance giant Imperial Life, Global Life and Canada Life insurance companies. No announcement has yet been released on this latest crisis situation at the company. Colina is the investor for millions of pension funds for companies across the country. One employee at the company noted to Bahamas Press, “I am concerned as to what is happening with the company, it appears to have unstable leadership and millions are invested here [Colina] by workers in this country.”

Colina dismissals can be a possible sign that things in the business are turning for the worse and that a collapse is possible here in The Bahamas! Over 1 million Americans have already lost their homes with an additional 7,000 homeowners loosing their homes daily in the United States. The word ‘DEPRESSION’ is now being thrown around for the first time to describe the lost of millions of jobs in the US.


Barbara Harvey a former loan officer on Larry King Live, told her story of living out of her car for the last four months after loosing her job and home.


  1. Bahamas Press want “PM” to know that we don’t report junk on this BLOG. Many persons believed that before and saw the reality unfold. We reported a ‘CLEAN OUT’ at the executive level of ColinaImperial and if some are still in office today, ask them for US, WHY they cannot access any of the servers from their desk? Why cannot any of those mentioned have ANY access to company data? And may we add to this BREAKING NEWS STORY, HR Manager Richanda King is also a victim in this firing exercise at COLINA.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. Be sure about what you print and be very careful about what you say when it is obvious that u guys don’t know anything about what is really going on

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