Frank Smith delivered the goods to Parliament



St. Thomas More’s MP Frank Smith tabled the documents in Parliament today confirming that Darnelle Rolle of EZ IMPORTERS imported cases of MONA VIE and was charged 10% duty. The customs document should have applied a 45% duty. SOMEONE BROKE THE LAW and defrauded the public treasury! Now that Hubert ‘The Toothless LION’ Ingraham has the facts, who will he fire as promised?

Nassau, Bahamas: MP for St. Thomas More Frank Smith tabled in the House today documents confirming that someone BROKE the law by reducing the tariff on the drink ‘Mona Vie’. The import documents bear the company EZ Imports as the importer. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham noted that if Smith can show facts that someone broke the law by reducing the rate, then he [Prime Minister] would deal with the matter, and someone in the Ministry of Finance will ‘go home today.’ Surprisingly, the junior minister Zhivargo Laing who is at the centre of this scandal was visibly absent from today’s Parliament sitting. If Hubert Ingraham is not the ‘Toothless Lion’ we at Bahamas Press claim he is, let’s see now who he would fire. Bahamas Press all knows him too well. INGRAHAM was just BLOWING HOT AIR in an already crowded room, when he said at the last House sitting, “someone at the ministry of finance will go home today.”


  1. Additionally, if someone imported anything and was charged the wrong amount, it could be an isolated incident. What category is the drink in today is the issue, and this latest matter does not address that question. Stop blowing smoke and give us the goods. Do not misquote the PM for political reasons or for your own amusement.

  2. Surely with a matter as serious as this, BP has a responsibility to attach those documents so that those of us who are interested may read them with our own eyes…

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