BREAKING NEWS!!! Emanuel Alexiou FIRES Colina management team! More workers to go as financial figures show poor performance



Nassau, Bahamas: There were many including one “PM” who rang our office today attacking our credibility on the breaking story at Colina. Not because we at Bahamas Press knew about the executions at Colina, 19 hours before the executioner Emanuel Alexiou could carry out his plan, meant that we did not know what we were talking about. Hours ago, 19 to be exact, we saw a letter signed by Mr. Terry Hilts which was to be delivered to Mr. Montgomery Braithwaite, President of Colina on Tuesday, however he received it at 2PM today!

Bahamas Press therefore would like our 290,000 plus readers to be assured that when we post information on this website, it is TRUE, CORRECT, ACCURATE of course BREAKING! Many in the ‘WUTLESS’ media today don’t do what we do. They bury, hide, deflect and spin news from the general public. We at Bahamas Press are of a different stock in media, here in The Bahamas. We are honest, open and the TRUE TRUSTED news breakers of the people. We warned you 19 hours ago on Colina’s dismissal of its management team, and now with this GLOBAL downturn facing the world, we WARN all account holders of pension funds in Colina to be CONCERN WITH THEIR INVESTMENT!

Many in Colina’s team dismissed today raced to the legal advisors as board Chairman Mr. Terry Hilts passed out dismissal letters. Our BREAKING NEWS on Colina again is NO surprise to Bahamas Press, but we are sure newsrooms throughout the country are shaking at the release of this information. Colina owns the Nassau Guardian and has an operating agreement with The Tribune. The company is also the investors of millions of dollars in insurance and pension funds here in The Bahamas. MILLIONS of dollars that can go up in smoke like ENRON did in the United States!

Our source at Colina noted that Ms. Richenda King, VP of Human Resources was also dismissed this afternoon, following her failure to fire an additional 21 employees at Colina on yesterday. Reports are that owner of Colina Emanuel Alexiou has assumed control of the company as the major ‘SHAKEUP’ at the largest insurance company in the country continues.


  1. Mr. Alexiou needs to review the files of people that Ms.King fired because I was fired wronfully and now i have kids that needs financial assistance and it is sad to say i am not doing too well.

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