Explosion at City Dump Site Resume Huge Fire



Fire rages after a loud explosion at the City Dump site in the central part of New Providence, residents in the Jubilee Gardens area, were left steering at the huge blaze that burst out in pockets across the dump site. One resident told our news team that they heard a loud explosion, then all of a sudden there was a huge fire flaming into the skies. The fire rages just near the forestry that separate the community from the site and with this season of dry weather, that can spell trouble for nearby residents. One homeowner in the area said he is very concern with the fumes leaving the blaze, which can have hazardous fumes filling the air. This is not the first time an explosion has occurred at the dump.


  1. The government is in possession of reports that clearly advice that this serious situation needs to be addressed. This report was submitted to the Government in January 2005. Please ask the DEHS for a copy.

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