Family cries for justice…



Could you please allow a little space on your platform to address this social problem that is happening in the Bahamas? 

We are a country that looks to tourism as our bread and butter but I don’t think that our elected leader takes running this country very seriously. In the past two weeks, there were two major news stories that were aired on Beyond the Headlines with host Clint Watson where family has gone to the media to air their concerns. 

The first was the family of a young man, Edward Williams, Jr., whose picture police released – with his address and personal information – to social media. In an independent Bahamas, this shouldn’t happen. It is a great disservice to every Bahamian citizen that our very own police force could place an innocent man in harm’s way by releasing false accusations against him for the very serious crime of murdering some one. We all saw it was not him that was caught on surveillance cameras committing this heinous crime. 

I can imagine what that young man and his family are going through right now. I find it very bad that not even the Minister of National Security, Mr Marvin Dames, who is the Minister responsible for all the armed forces, didn’t speak out concerning this matter that made headlines all over the news and social media. 

How is it the Commissioner of Police, Mr Paul Rolle, is celebrating 181 years of that organization, but he failed to address this matter? In my view, this is a very serious matter where police officers under his command placed an innocent man’s picture and address in the public domain. Come to find out he was not even involved in this crime.

It calls for concern on exactly how the police officers investigate crime because there is overwhelming evidence that the killer and the man were not dressed alike nor were they the same height. Commissioner, you should hang your head down in shame for not addressing this serious matter. You had more than ample time to address the public about it. 

As a matter of fact it is Police Month by the proclamation of the Prime Minister. What is there to celebrate with your force?  Certainly it is not transparence. 

The police say they are creating a safer community. A safer community for who? Your police officers? It can’t be for the general public. I see nothing courageous about your actions, Commissioner. It is time for the people’s eyes to be opened as we draw near to election. Which political party has the people’s best interests at heart? 

A young school  girl was sexually assaulted by a bus driver on her way to school to pursue her education. She was only 14 years old. A big grown hip man decided to violate this young child . What mental effect will this have on her? A former magistrate that was leaving the bench decided to condone the action of this big grown hip man by giving him a little fine of $200 or 1 month in prison. 

I find this to be a very sad week in the Bahamas. I saw the hurt in the father’s eyes. He had to find out on social media that this predator was released with a slap on the wrist. Why didn’t the police prosecutor immediately appeal this magistrate’s ruling? This is one time, because of social media, the Attorney General is aware of this matter. How could it be that innocent Edward Williams, Jr. had to fight to clear his name because of what police officers illegally did to him via social media? 

Bahamians, as you go to the polls, think about which party and leader would speak up for righteousness. It may be these two familes’ time now, but place yourself in their shoes. Would you not ask for justice in these two cases?  

In closing what mental challenges will this young man and this teenage girl face in their futures because of the actions of other people who, clearly, had no regard for them?