Female shot in Flamingo Gardens in 3am drive by…

Innocent woman shot fighting for life in hospital.

Nassau – Police in the capital tell us they are investigating a shooting incident on Monday, 25th June, 2018, which left an adult female with injuries.

According to a report, just before 3:00am a male and female were driving on Higher Drive, Flamingo Gardens, when persons opened fire on their vehicle, hitting the female passenger to the head. She was transported to hospital and is now listed in stable condition.

Sources tell us they believe the incident is gang related. The female shot is a woman who is the friend of a male in the Death Row Gang. We are being told it is the gang member’s girlfriend who was shot in the head. The bullet scraped her during the incident. She is in serious condition but will make a full recovery. We are being told this is believed to have been an attempt on the gang member’s life.

That member should not retaliate. He and his family members should offer special prayers and BP believes he should leave town and stay in hiding.

We report yinner decide!