Ferry boat carrying workers back to shore caught fire in harbour…


A BP NEWS REPORT >>>No one was injured after fearing death!

Fire rises at sea in Nassau Harbour.

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms about six staff members of an Island just behind Bahamar escaped death this afternoon after the ferry carrying them back to the Western entrance of the harbour caught fire and exploded.

Bahamas Press was live in the area around 4:20 pm when shouts of help could be heard after the engine caught fire on the Island Gal.

After dropping anchor, the workers onboard had to be rescued by police patrols that could not put out the rising flames. Three of the passengers could not swim and could be heard ‘hollerin’ at sea.

One fisherman witnessing the fire noted, “How is it no agency could have doused the flames? We need to fix that.”

Shortly after the shaken passengers were rescued, the engine exploded and the vessel sank to the seafloor.

All we say is this: someone going to collect insurance.

We report yinner decide!

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