Fifth Columnist at ZNS bully of PLPs and FNMs!

BCB Headquarters

NASSAU| BP has finally come up with a description for the acts at ZNS. We shall call the acts Corporate Malfeasance. BP cannot wait until the Brave Wave comes in to clean up ZNS and give it the glory it deserves as the national broadcasting station.

As Bob Marley said, two little birds were on BPs window, one of them from ZNS and one from the Cabinet Office. BP opened the window and in came those two birds bearing the news that the Bahamas’ biggest clown, Beverly Curry, a grossly, ill-educated, ridiculously useless FNM bully was promoted by the Competent Authority to take over ALL departments at ZNS leaving the General Manager, Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs, like a sitting duck without any responsibility and nothing to do, having time to give herself manicures and pedicures in her office.

The national station, which has been run like a tuck shop over the years, can never get its act together and serves as a hen house for FNM cronies and their children.

Curry, BP might remind you, is a fifth column PLP who somehow convinced Hubert Ingraham she was an FNM and has been pretending to be one ever since.

Our message to her is when the Brave Wave comes through in 2022 we hope you voluntarily pack your obeah bag in your office and leave the grounds. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!!! Obeah at ZNS!! Don’t try to come back home after 2022 cause the Brave Wave don’t want you!!

A few months ago things were not so bright for her when ZNS’ board of directors finally decided to relieve her of her duties. They saw her dysfunction, incompetence, insecurity, lack of qualifications and they saw the fact that she is a bully of PLPs and FNMs. She was told to leave, but the Competent Authority, trumped the board, told her to stay and has now given her a bunch of responsibilities that she has no knowledge, experience, or common sense to handle. She brings a new meaning to, when ya dumb, ya dangerous.

Staff morale at ZNS is very low because of the announcement of Curry’s promotion and the complaints are coming in a dime a dozen to BP. This is what BP has to say on the matter. Why is the Competent Authority drawn to such a woman who has a reputation of getting the positions she held at ZNS by laying on paper something and befriending politicians (not necessarily in that order)? What does this say about the good doctor? Based on the way he runs this country, they might be birds of a feather.

The Incompetent Doctor should see what is now happening to his mentor Trump. If he is wise he would fire immediately that advisor out of Texas! His own people, because of his tyranny, is ready to boot him out of office. Cut Hip 2022 coming doctor! It coming! Don’t try stall the process like ya mentor. Breathe in, breathe out and take it like a man. Cut Hip or better yet CUT%$$ COMING!

We Report! Yinner Decide!