Fifty employees at the Gaming Board to be fired this week! Just weeks before Christmas holidays…


Nassau, Bahamas – Sad breaking news confirms a bloodbath is coming for staff at the GAMING BOARD!

Gaming Board offices at Centerville House.

We can tell you that, just weeks before Christmas, the Cabinet of the Bahamas has now approved the terminations of some 50 employees at the Board. Just a few weeks ago some 18 persons lost their jobs at the department that regulates all gaming in the country.

The news is not good as the Minnis Government moves to reduce staff levels across the public service, an advice given by the IMF.

But while Bahamians are headed home to the unemployment lines just days before the holidays, PM Minnis has put the country on notice that he will increase the salaries of Parliamentarians.

Well, what in da hell is this! BP in Cabinet Meeting and, boy, this is not looking good today!

We report yinner decide!