Finance department to move into SG Hambros Building…More Money for the FNM Cronies…


Nassau, Bahamas — Papa through Baha Mar buying SG Hambros building for $15million. He then plans to give out $10 million in contracts to FNM cronies to renovate the building.

Remember how the contracts were given out for the renovations to the Commissioner of Police’s official residence on East Hill Street? NO TENDER PROCESS, and this exercise we can assure will be no different.

BP had to go deep into the walls of SG Hambros boardroom to get the scoop because our agents could not go underground, in the basement.

The basement is constantly full of water and have pumps there to empty the flood back into the lake in front of the building.

One observer noted that they fear for Papa’s life if he enters the SG HAMBROS Building because Papa cannot swim and near the flood would not be a good place to be.

What our agents have been able to ascertain is:

1.       The building has a history of a large recurring crack on the ground floor that they seem not to be able to permanently correct. When that occurs epoxy is pumped back into the large cracks; a temporary fix.

2.       An odor emits from the basement from time to time that they have not been able to arrest.

3.       During torrential rain and hurricane the front entrance floods and becomes not accessible.

4.       With the increased number of power failures, SG operators were considering buying a backup generator for their backup generator. The observer also questions the FNM’S record on maintenance and keeping the generator and pumps going. Imagine what could happen in that flooded basement?

5.       Our source tells us that SG recently spent millions of dollars to make the building energy efficient. Energy efficient lights were installed throughout and the lights turn off automatically when there is no one in the room. The observer was concerned that in Papa’s haste to spend the money before the elections all that energy efficiency would be compromised.

We wonder if the HOG from Bay Street will be doing this work also. We shall wait and see.

We need Change!


  1. @media

    I dont know which one is worst, a flooded basement or a mold invested building.

    The PM needs to help the Min of Finance workers in the Churchill Building Bay St., where many workers are getting sick becuase of the mold they breathe in.

    I hope papa making a place for the ministry of finance workers in the churchill building, so that no more workers could get sick. Instead of listening to those Sigaporean consultants (FOREIGNERS AGAIN) that the FNM government hire to make workers life hell and make sure the workers can work in a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

  2. I know who got it and it wasn’t HOG. There was no biding process, there was only a call made from Papa to the individual. The person is a decent qualified Bahamian. However they didn’t get it because of their qualification, they got it as an apology from Papa for a past blunder and embarrement by some of Papa’s clonies.

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