Nicole Martin Seeks DNA Nomination for Sea Breeze


Nicole Martin, NIB Board Member and BHC&AWU President...Another DAMN SELLOUT!

Nassau, Bahamas –– Information leaked from the DNA now tell us Hotel Union President, Nicole Martin, is seeking the Party’s nomination for the Sea Breeze constituency.

Sources in the position to know tell us, Martin, who hails from the Nassau Village area, has expressed interest in becoming the Party’s standard bearer. She will most likely secure the nomination.

Bahamas Press expresses to all and sundry, that our support for Martin fell by the wayside, when she abandoned her membership and sold-out them out as a board member to the National Insurance Board.

High-jacking her membership, Martin agreed with Hubert Ingraham to further TAX TO HELL her struggling Union membership by agreeing with the Board and Papa to impose increased NIB contribution on tips made by struggling hotel workers.

Readers should remember Martin’s near naked absence during the STINK Sweetheart sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless. She never drew on her membership to protest against the sale as a member of the NCTU Bahamas; with her controlling the largest union membership in the country. She did little to join BTC “Criminals” on Bay against the sale. We find these actions by the president absolutely APPALLING!

Tommy Turnquest, many would remember, placed the Defence Force on high alert, suggesting the Unions were a ‘NATIONAL THREAT’ TO SECURITY as the BTC got heated and again Martin said not a damn thing in response! Boy, we ‘gat’ one cut_yinner_know_ what coming for her.

She has been most neglectful, most absent, and has committed an act like Houdini following the terminations of 202 workers at the Our Lucaya earlier this year. And by extension, she had not a damn word to say following the tourism slide on Grand Bahama. Workers are left working two and three days per week on the island and with Discovery Cruise line departing this September we ask again, WHERE IS THE VOICE OF THE UNION PRESIDENT? WUTLESS LEADERSHIP! LEADERSHIP WE CANNOT SUPPORT, LEADERSHIP NO ONE CAN TRUST!

BP reminds all voters in Sea Breeze that there is but ONE HOPE for that struggling community and that is to elect HOPE Strachan as your next Member of Parliament.

We call upon residents there to REJECT the man who believes all “UNDERNOURISHED” children should be subjected to the cruel crimes of molesters, and we ask them to REJECT the Party, which has the FNM’s DNA! They are one in the same!

Papa gat a ‘BRAN’ new bag; and we want the people not to forget it.



  1. ok Union Member At The Wyndham it is clear to me that you are not a member you are part of management you arE so concern what we do at your hotel you know why you do not wantus there so you can continue to treat our members like dogs secound class people. but gone are those days out there i can promise you we will not stop until you and the rest of the person in management understand that the workers in this country has a voice so waste your time here talking about the President and the members that would not change the fact that we will remain focus or more focus at your hotel than ever you can take the time to tear down our organization good luck with that but if you are so concern on the way we conduct ourselves come let us know donot hide behind your computer be a man or woman tell us what we need to fix nicole aint your problem u r your own problem but we can help you with that JUST DO BETTER HOW YOU TREAT THE EMPLOYEES AT THE WYNDHAM OR LEAVE


    You are helping the case for Nicole Martin to be advanced into a political office. By putting this series of questions to hotel worker, you magnify the need to have someone in parliament who will directly determine what the laws and procedures should be because current laws and procedures do not attend to the very needs outlined by you. I don’t think that was your intent but it sure is the result.

  3. @ IKB

    I understand your position (see Nicole’s response posted). In the absence of her response and denial, I would have asserted that the greater contains the lesser, as an objective principle for our discussion to revolve around. ALL workers in this country (greater) automatically includes the hotel industry employees (lesser). Therefore, occupying a position from which she can DETERMINE laws and DETERMINE procedures is far more effective than being in a seat in which she simply responds to those laws and procedures. Her known effectiveness in labour matters will then have a multiply effect throughout the nation. Again, I accept your position as reasonable even though I would not embrace the view as my own.

  4. Nicole is the president for the largest union she has no desire to run for no political party but evil prosper went good does nothing the six thousand members plus love her okay so find some thing better to do and leave our president alone .

  5. This is Nicole Michelle Martin. It would be extremely helpful to me if the DNA or any other party would come forward to confirm this very absurd assertion. I have no desire to entire front line politics. I have committed myself to the workers of this country and the hotel sector in particular. I would advise BP to get the facts this whole story is loaded with inaccuracies and is most disheartening. I hope that the readers are wise enough to seek out the facts and not get caught up in an attempt to assassinate character. Just for the record there is a seat on the NIB Board for the President of hotel union not Nicole Martin. Get the facts!!!

    • Ahhh the famous FNM spin LINE…”it is untrue it is a LIE!” We are all too familiar with this line. Just follow the BTC debate and you would see what we mean. “IT IS UNTRUE! ITS A LIE” was the statement almost in every claim.


    • If this truly is Ms. Martin responding I would simply like to say that you are a far better union leader than the clowns that were in before you. Whoever the Wyndam idiot is about the union not doing its job needs to ask him/herself are they doing theirs? There are too many people in the unions of this country who are lazy and inefficient on the job. It is there expectation that the union support their laziness. Furthermore they have a choice to be a member. Nobody is forcing them to be members. If you don’t like it then leave. There are many people who choose not to be a part of the union. I suggest that reader do the same if they are not pleased with what they’re getting.

  6. Would any union member answer these questions?

    What has your union done for you to ensure job safety and that the foreigners do not invade your country taking all your opportunities?

    What has your union done to stop the victimization from bullying bosses, more than just a bunch of talk?

    What has your union done to ensure that you are given the necessary promotions and training that all good workers deserves, ore than just a bunch of talk?

    What have any of the unions done to help you work in comforts without breathing in mold? What great changes has been made since God knows how long.
    Leaders like Benard Evans, Pinder,Belinda Wilson and now this joker running for Sea Breeze Nicole Martin. truly what have they done?

    And why do you pay union dues instead of buying groceries or putting gas in your car?

  7. Nicole are you serious, you will not be President of The Union much longer your days are numbered and i am telling you right now Sea Breeze will not be putting you in the House Of Parliament. The Hotel Workers right now are disgruntle and you talking about leaving them out in the cold.You are to hungry for power. Please clean up your act at the Wyndham first and please control those rude SHOP STEWARDS who don’t know how to talk to the members or management . They only know how to represent one half of the members and the other half could simply go to hell. I want you to know we are all paying $10:00 whether we work one day or not. YOU HAVE ISSUES HONEY AND THERE ARE NO DNA OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP YOU

    • U know what I find amazing is that person could say that hotel union members are suffering cause the union is not doing there jobs even at the hotel out west but I could tell u that we have our members back more progress has happen in all the years that this union has be here wake up help and support the union rather than tear it down. Nicole along with her officers and organizer are working the fingers off

    • Ok it is clear this joker who works out west is apart of mangement I will promise u whoever u are we will show u how we do business and take care of our own and what we do best it is clear to me u want us not to fix all the problems in that hotel be a man or woman say who you are so you can tell me how we best could help you jokers u only can talk stand and and be counted

  8. Nicole you must be JOKING you have more issues in the hotel right now, you need more than a DNA you need to clean one door first before entering politics.

  9. @ IKB

    What kind of irrationale, tunnel vision “spin” are you peddling? I stand to be corrected, but I am of the view that serving in parliament ENLARGES THE SPHERE IN WHICH SHE CAN PERFORM, given the fact that politicians determine the laws (which sets the absolute rules for workers) and are the ultimately overseers of the policies (which determine the day-to-day atmosphere in which practices occur). And if you don’t believe me just consult John Pinder on this score. By getting on the other side as a politician rather than a unionist, she can finally (and in ways that exceeds her current capacity which is limited to hotel employees) influence the laws and procedures to the ultimate benefit of ALL WORKERS IN THE COUNTRY. Only a crafty, frightened, political opponent would disagree, but you’re not one of DEM …right (ha, ha, ha).

    • Maybe if you’re considering the ideal political situation, but sadly this is the Bahamas! Nicole’s job with the union is an important one! She’s not just a legislator in the union, she’s a presentative who needs to be at the table everyday to represent the interest of her members. There are mountain of outstanding worker issues and new ones that arises everyday, as she has admitted, that needs to address. With a membership of that size, anytime she spend distracted with politic will be time lost to her membership. Her position as President is a full time one and if she have time to do both jobs then the union needs to revisit whether they need a full time President and also reconsider the her salary!!!

    • well when ms martin clean up her act with the bahamian people and find a salution on how to fight to restoor jobs and happyness for thoes hotel workers who lost thier jobs all of them trust her that was a matter of trust now she wants to test thire dna saddddddddddddd martin as for mr john pinder hes not playing with a full deck he cannot consult no one in hight places becaus hes on the board for a anti government place and supposed to be reprsenting the people that vote for him and ms martin to represent them the bahamian people birds of a feather flock togeather

  10. BP when are we going to get an update on your previous story about Mccartney returning to the FNM. DNA folks I spoke to have indicated that it’s not true.

    DNA supporters are telling me that you are just spinning for the PLP. Usually, you are very accurate with your scoops. However, are you going to bet the house on this one, or are you spinning for real?

  11. I am highly disappointed in Martin or any union president’s decision to enter politics! There is soo much work that’s required as President of the union, where is she’s finding the time to play with politians? How is she or any union leader to represent a balance view in the interest of their membership when they have pledge their support and allegiance to a political party and by extention that party’s agenda? I am really disappointed! Up to now, even with the NIB issue, I still held her in high regards, but not anyone, she has now become more of the same!!!SAD!!

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