Prisoner tells Court how he was sexing a young girl from 12 years-old….and drove to scare her

Superintendent at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dr. Elliston Rahming

Nassau, Bahamas — Shocking revelations have come from a case now being heard in the Supreme Court. The trial of a fire death plot, which killed a police officer along with her daughter, nice and friend, is presently being heard by Justice Jon Isaacs.

The accused is again a prison inmate, Eltorio Ferguson, who is alleged to have been the mastermind behind the murders of the four females. Ferguson was in prison at the time of the incident and here’s how it all happened.

Reader would remember back on September 17th, 2009 fire patrols raced to a home on in the Wilson Tact area where four persons were discovered dead inside. When rescues came, they discovered dead in the home Kayshala Bodie, her mother a police officer Eleanor Brown, niece of two years-old Telair Johnson and a neighbour Savana Stuart all perished in the blaze.

According to a police report, the court head how Ferguson from the walls of Fox Hill Prison, instructed a friend now identified as the murderer, John ‘Pagalur’ Tellus to scare his girlfriend.

Apparently, Ferguson had gotten word that his girlfriend, Bodie, was seeing other men, and therefore, he wanted to send her a scare from Fox Hill.

The morning when the incident occurred detectives never suggested how the incident could have been a murder plot. NEVER! BP was at the scene following the incident and noticed how the doors of the home were nailed with all the victims trapped inside. If the facts were all revealed reader would also note to this day the Royal Bahamas Police Force has yet classified the incident as a murder; although according to a police report the plot was crafted behind the gates in FOX HILL!

According to testimony heard by the court Ferguson said he told MURDERER TELLUS to set fire to a car in the yard or on the roof of the house so the occupants inside could run out. He denies sending any instruction to kill the victims. NOW THIS IS INCREDIBLE EH?

We cannot say it enough by BP is deeply concerned with that Prison, DEEPLY! When they ain’t defrauding people by selling bogus cars with HMP officers, someone on the work programme caught up in some murder while out or participating in some drive by to kill off the witnesses!

This damn COUNTRY is not being managed and Tommy Turnquest ain’t worth ****! He called on high alert the Defence Force for Union Members during the protest for the sale of BTC  but he refuses to tackle this vexing crime problem.



  1. Well this has nothing to do with what u said but still…that prison looks awful awful awful..buckets stocked on one another with bile inside of them that’s inhumane

  2. Kim, you sound like you know first hand what goin’ on up there. Obviously there is a lot of corrupt officers…in the prison, in immigration, on the police force, in customs…..Tommy T. gat his hands full with this corrupt little nation.

    • Trust me, I know just has much as you and everybody else. You just have to pay attention to the facts. Don’t be like Tommy playing like you don’t know what time it is and burying your head in the sand. When those prisoners breaked out and killed up those prison guards, where you think they got the weapons from if they are suppose to be behind bars and being closely monitored? Somebody had to give it to them? It only could have been persons who had access to them. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that out, when you hear things you just have to know how to analyze the situation and that’s just one of my talents. You can’t run much by me you know. If I could sit down here and figure out these things, you could tell me Tommy them can’t do it? Yeah, right!

  3. First thing, first they need to change that Superintendent at the Prison. He’s joking, too much foolishness have been going down around that prison for him not to know about it. Ever since he reached up there, that prison haven’t been the same, there have been scandals after the scandals. That prison is a breeding ground for corruption and I am not just referring to the prisoners, but I am mainly talking about persons who are employed by the prison. Most of the things you see goes down wouldn’t happen if those guards or other person who are in contact with those prisoners were not aiding and abetting them in carrying out their plans. I wouldn’t advise no decent young person to take a job up there, either those corrupt employees would try to get them to compromise his ethical standards and the next thing before they even realizes it, they there participating in taking bribes or if you don’t go along with the program, when they look their coworkers sneaking around giving the prisoners instruments that could cause them their life. This is not a place for the weak of heart, you have to be more afraid of your own coworkers, than the d*mn prisoners. Around there you have to be walking with your eyes in the back of your head and watching your backs. Everyday, on that compound is a day that gives birth to new immoral plots. As usual, don’t expect Tommy to do anything about it, he knows just how to play the fool and burry his head in the sand when he’s ready.

    • Remember where talking about prison people, where criminals have all the time in the world and they use this time like a scientist would to collaborate with his colleagues on formulas to find the best solutions. In this case it’s the collaboration of criminal minds and the subject is crime and perfecting it. Wherever you find corruption it’s incumbent on the directorate to weed out the offenders. But what’s key here is salaries. You can’t pay your workers pennies and believe that they’re not going to look at means to increase their income, especially being around criminals who I believe are constantly bombarding them with offers to make a little extra. Then we see the lawlessness that is being perpetrated by our leaders where you can clearly see misappropriation and shady affairs in the dealings of the country’s business. Children learn from their parents and this is no different. I have a staunch belief that every man has a price particularly in a place where there is a good chance you can get away with your crime. So what goes on in prison is a culture that has been here for many years. So we must find a way to change the culture out here to change it in there.
      We blame Tommy for all the mess going on with crime, but I can see it’s not him because these FNM ministers can’t do anything without authorization. Am quite sure if Tommy was truly responsible he would have been moved or fired by now and if he had so morals he should quit and like bran tell us why he can’t do his job. Further, crime just don’t happen there are some under lying factors such as poverty and the social ills that comes along with poverty. So eradicate poverty and you will place a big dent in crime.

      • Thanks Smitty, what you have shared is really something to ponder. If Tommy’s leader wasn’t pleased with his performance, he wouldn’t have been there. That’s real talk.

  4. Tommy T ain’t worth Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea!!!!!!! Now we all know that there is only so much that a man can do but, what is to say about that man when he does nothing? I want his hip out of government forever!! Tommy Turnquest and all others from both administrations who fail to do their jobs in the capacity that they serve, need to be removed from that post immediately and let someone who can do the job do it! What we ga do in this country man????

    • Lavardo, so sorry to say, but must of them are & this the real world were living in ya no, not ya fake pretend world.
      It is what it is ok.

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