Finance Minister Peter Turnquest does not know what is in his 2019/20 Budget and he presents himself to be a CPA??? WELL, WHAT IS THIS!

Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest.

NASSAU| Observers of the 2019/20 National Budget, now being debated before Parliament, will see that this Budget has left citizens concerned as to the competence of the Minister for Finance and/or his officers inside the Department.

It was revealed by the Opposition this past week that some $19 Million had mysteriously showed up in the budget for travel.

Some see it as an election tool by the PM, enabling him to travel as he jets around the globe to call Bahamians “Corrupt”!

But what was the response by the Finance Minister following this revelation? He got up and told Parliament that the numbers printed were an error, which showed a jump in travels from $8million last year to $19million this year.

Well, this would mean that the budget, which is supposed to have been combed by him and the Cabinet to know intently what is in each line item, was never reviewed?! Is that what Turnquest is suggesting? So what were they doing in Cabinet meetings for the past six months? Talking about the Opposition while neglecting the diligence and competence expected and demanded to make sure our money is properly monitored and accounted for?

It is scary to think that an accountant for many years does not know – or have the competence to know – what is included in his fiscal budget and that, when tabled in Parliament, it is littered with errors and sloppy juvenile mistakes. What does this say about the diligence of the Minister?

We report yinner decide!