Financial backers of the DNA and FNM want an alliance


Could Branville be looking back home to the FNM?

Nassau, Bahamas – The DNA could live up to its name if a deal happens soon to merge into an “alliance” under the FNM.

With scandalous concerns rocking the organization for having known persons charged before the courts with ‘thiefin lil churrin’ money, the DNA is now on a rocky path of trust.

This latest development is causing concern by supporters and financial backers.

A source close to the group of philanthropists, who are the financial backers for the Democratic National Alliance, are in talks with DNA leader, Branville McCartney, to fold up tent and rejoin the FNM.

It is alleged that serious talks are underway to make McCartney Deputy Leader of the Governing Party before elections.

Bahamas Press reports this development is very fluid at this time, and we will provide reports as they become available.

Snapshot of the massive PLP MEGA EVENT on Grand Bahama.

Friday night’s massive PLP mega event on Grand Bahama has triggered the group’s concerns. We can tell you as thousands upon thousands gathered at the Our Lucaya Resort on the island, telephone calls began to swirl in New Providence.

Christie, now dubbed the comeback kid, is on a roll, and is projected by our polling outfit, BBB Analytics, to form the next government following the general elections.

Christie organized thousands of PLP supporters to pack both inside, and outside the ballroom where it was impossible to enter or exit.

Cars meandered as far back as the City Market Shopping Centre from the hotel door.

One hotel manager stated, “The capacity of the room had been breeched. Never in the history of this property have so many persons attended one single event. All our wireless operations were strained and stalled. The crowd generated by the PLP was double that of the FNM’s candidate launch.”

The Island's drunkard led DNA meeting into ch

Grand Bahama turned Gold following the disastrous policies of the FNM, which many suggest has abandoned the community. One resident told a local talk show, “Hubert Ingraham cannot win Grand Bahama for the FNM.  They have neglected the residents of this island, many of whom are without light, food and cannot find a job. No member of the government defended the high electricity situation affecting us, nor has anyone in the FNM delivered one development to the community. The time is now for us to elect a government that will believe in Bahamians and Grand Bahama.”

Tremors of a collapse in the DNA could be felt from comments posted by DNA candidate and former FNM, Roscoe Thompson. This morning on Facebook, Mr. Thompson said, “If you choose to support me in this upcoming election, we can make a difference…..The PLP, FNM and DNA all have issues that need to be dealt with. Let’s choose the candidate that [who] will serve us, the Bahamian people in the next election.”

Delano Munroe DNA MICAL candidate.

Recently concerns of DNA candidate for MICAL, Delano Munroe, has surfaced where charges were brought against the candidate for stealing money with the youth JA programme, where Munroe has served for the past 10 years.

Information coming to Bahamas Press reveals the leader of the DNA, Branville McCartney, knew of the charges against the candidate, yet he still ratified Munroe. We are told the development has since further hurt the DNA, with many questioning the judgment of the DNA leader. Who would appoint anyone to serve in government knowing the candidate is accused of ‘thiefin’ Children money?

The concern by the group is that if the DNA runs former FNMs as what is now being transpired in East End and Central Grand Bahama, it is no way the FNM can survive.

We report yinner decide.


  1. This website is just a bunch of PLP propaganda, why don’t you impress someone for once by reporting the news the way it should be, unbiased and to the point without your personal opinions deeply intertwined into it. What the $@&! Has the PLP done that is so amazing, their time is over. The DNA may not win the next election but I can guarantee you it won’t be the PLP.

  2. BP, this alliance, if it comes to fruition, will not surprise anyone. The thing is, had Branville not left the FNM, he would have ended up as Deputy leader of the party any way. Starting another party was not even necessary.

    What a waste!

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