Fish Fry and Restaurants to reopen while International Clients across the world cannot invest in the country – WHY?!!!


CARL BETHEL has it in for the legal profession!? WHY ARE FIRMS CLOSED?! WHY?

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl Bethel (centre right) .

NASSAU|  The Competent Authority and his Attorney General are killing business in the Bahamas and the latest Emergency Powers ORDER proves both don’t know a damn thing they are doing!

Many legal minds believe Carl “WUTLESS” Bethel is taking revenge on attorneys around the country by not allowing law firms to open.

Thousands of real estate transactions are now in jeopardy of being cancelled, Law firms have been trying to complete these transactions for weeks and many investors have lost confidence in the Minnis Government, becoming deeply frustrated over the delay to reopen the country. 

In some cases, people cannot get their funds from sales, and in many other transactions, people are desperate! 

Lawyers have joined in a case to sue the government and, as a result, all firms have been punished. This does not look good to the international community, and it should send shockwaves to international regulators, showing how low and petty the Bahamas has sunk in the management of its international business under this WUTLESS GUTLESS Minnis Regime!

Carl Bethel, some say, has made sure the courts remain close so justice cannot be dispensed on his wutless UNCONSTITUTIONAL Emergency Orders which Ret. Justice Dame Joan Sawyer has slammed as dangerously violating the rights of Bahamians.

We at BP warned yall about Carl “WUTLESS” Bethel and, well, the PM is only as good as his wutless reckless advisors.

We report yinner decide!