Daughter of high-ranking FNM scores six-figure govt. salary – oh the salaries are now coming out…

Theominique D Nottage

Nassau| The government has appointed 33-year-old Theominique D Nottage, the daughter of a high-ranking FNM official, as an Arbitration Consultant in the Ministry of Financial Services.

Nottage bypassed more senior and qualified members of staff to secure the job, earning a six figure salary inclusive of perks.

She has skipped through four different jobs since being called to the Bahamas Bar in 2015 but neither of the jobs were in the field of Arbitration.

Nottage has the backing of Ministry of Financial Services Elsworth Johnson who is close with Bahamasair Chairman Tommy Turnquest and his sister Carol Lashley.

Sources tell us that Lashley is advertising herself as a specialist in the field of ADR but she only has a certificate. Does having a certificate, make you a specialist? Sources also tells us that Lashley who is the daughter of former Governor General Orville Turnquest is positioning herself to be the country’s first Ombudsman.

These political appointees are being brought in over a long-serving international qualified ADR person who is a public servant who they have sidelined financially and professionally to promote their friends.

Isn’t this the government that said they are for the people? Isn’t this the government that said they will promote qualified Bahamians?