Five Jamaicans Who Tested Positive For Banned Substance


LONDON, England —  The five Jamaicans who reportedly tested positive for a banned substance in the last Olympics have been identified.

The Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport has identified the five as Yohan Blake, Marvin Anderson, Sherry-Ann Brooks, Allodin Fothergill and Lansford Spence.

This comes as the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission representative Dr Herb Elliott reportedly indicated on a Jamaican radio station that all five of the athletes had been selected for Jamaica`s 46-strong team for next month`s World Championships in Berlin.

The most recent doping case out of Jamaica occurred in 2008 when Julien Dunkley tested positive for boldenone, an anabolic steroid used in veterinary medicine, and was dropped from the Beijing Olympic team.

Triple Olympic champion, Usain Bolt, has said he is disappointed to hear the news of the five positive results.


  1. Altec, it is unlikely that Bolt is using. Take a careful look at Marion’s career as a youngster. She was good, but never great. If you know track and field, then Bolt’s times since he was 14 plus, should strike you as simply phenomenal. He’s shattered records each age group since. If you look at the change in his technique from 2004 to now, one can see exactly how the improvements in times came about. The guys who tested positve for M-Xanthine are sprinters. They would have NO need for bronchodilators because sprinting 100m distances doesn’t require excess trapping and utilazation of Oxygen. Lastly I’m appalled at the satisfied utterance of Kim Sands since Jamaicans have never had anything but admiration for the performances of the Bahamas and T&T (other caribbean movers and shaker in Track). I agree its a disgrace but I’m sure in the end we’ll realise that these athletes were probably negligent/stupid rather than trying to cheat. Wish Bahamas well in Berlin.

  2. I believe Usain Bolt was on the juice too. When he won that 100 and 200 meters it reminded me of the way Marion Jones won in 2004. There isnt that much of a talent gap at this level, so to see the first place winner pulling away from the rest of the field is not normal.

    Marion Jones and others use of steroids came out a fews years after. They are all juicing. The other shoe will drop in a few years, it always does.

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