Five month old baby girl brutally molested and later dies at PMH


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Nassau, The Bahamas – For nine months in a womb she clung on to life as tight as she could, but before she could experience living, the beastly passions of someone violated her world. ‘BRUTAL BLOODY MURDER’ one nurse called it, which left the infant defenseless, a Nassau community fuming and a country paralyzed in shock.

A five-month old child from Nassau is dead tonight following a brutal molestation of the baby girl. Bahamas Press has received reports today, which confirm that the baby girl died after being raped. Police confirm that both parents are now in police custody and a full investigation is now underway.

From 7 grade boys at Eight Mile Rock High School, to 11 year-old girls in Andros, to now 5 month old baby in Nassau. The time has come to evoke civilian justice and rid this land of these pedophile creatures that prey on the innocent of this land!

In 2008 The Bahamas was confirmed as having the highest number of rape incidents per capita in the world! Here’s something we should be VERY shame of. As we said Andre Birbal is just a tip of the iceberg. 



  1. we don’t care about your political or poverty issues in the Bahamas…your not the only one. the whole world has to deal with sick people every day, the thing is when you catch a preditor like this, you must apply the death penalty immediately, no messing around just do the right thing and euthanize the dirty offender, he/she has no rights to live when they’ve killed an innocent child. Laws all over the world are too lenient. If you can’t euthanize, ensure that jail time is no holiday. Seriously…is there a God…noooooooooooooooooo fucking way

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t believe what they are now saying. I to believe that they are trying to cover it all up. That’s just my take.

    To Only Godcanjudgeme, I am sorry for your pain but to wish pain on other is a terrible thing to do. Yes I do understand that your hurt but for you to truly he healed of that pain you MUST forgive and let it go. I’m not saying forget but forgive. SHIT happens trust me I KNOW!!!!!!

    Trust in God but don’t wish HARM on his people that makes you just as messed up as the ones that harmed you in the first place. And to curse our nation & our children you are to cursing yourself, your kids, and your decendants. Think about it.

  3. If what they reported on the news tonight was the truth, I am so relieved to know that the baby did not died has a result of being raped. My condolence goes out to the family and I hope that they will be able to grieve their lost in peace. The family only has that medical intern and the police to thank for the way the death of that precious little baby girl was blew out of proportion. I hope after the recent public outrage both the medical profession and the police see just how essential it is for them to do their jobs properly and provide the public with accurate information.

  4. @onlyGodcanjudgeMe
    That is such a hateful thing to say. When one Bahamian suffers, we all suffer, or at least that is the way it should be. Our nation has been torn by social class and socioeconomic status. Nevertheless, in times such as this, we should be united by our common struggles. You are right, this nation is under a curse, but it is not of your own power. Only a narcissist would believe that he has the power to change the turning of the tides. This shows your ignorance. Furthermore, if you truly believed in God, you would know that God does not listen to the cries of the wicked. Your situation is very unfortunate, and we have all heard of many injustices. But, you were never convicted, so be grateful. Think about the many people that were wrongfully convicted and never got the chance to have a wife and family. Also, did you ever think your own children will be exposed to the same “lesbians, faggots, and child molestors.” You should never wish such things on other people. Karma has a way of showing herself, and the same things you wish on others may fall on your own. Stop perpetuating ignorance!


  6. @onlyGodcanjudgeMe

    The next time you pray to Him, please ask him for a CLEAN MOUTH when coming on BP! PLEASEEEEEE this website must have civil language. The WORLD, including members of the United Nations are all watching!

    And don’t cuss this country cause we live here. Yes it is ‘VICKED’ but Ingraham and his Obeah working ways is already doing enough to try heap cuss on us already.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. Unfortunately this seems to be one of those situations where we couldn’t let a small thing like the facts get in the way of a good story!!!

    Who jumped to conclusions and then decide to raise an alarm was wrong and particularly wrong if it was a medical professional. This would be a breach of ethics and common sense.

    I wondered how such a story could have gone so far without there being any truth to it. Of course if it came from a medical official that would be logical.

    We are very likely to believe most juicy stories, but when they come from a doctor, who should be s respected professional, its as good as written in stone. We tend to forget that most of our politicians are doctors and lawyers!!

  8. this land is under a curse. many years ago i was falsely accused of raping a boy by some defense force officers, and the whole country believed that *****. these lying officers never came to court and the case was dismissed. the officers told the police,which told the press, that they caught me with my pants at my ankle and my penis embedded in the boy’s anus. well the doctor said different. many people came to court to see me arraigned and they called me sissy and all sort of nasty names. my character and reputation was destroyed all because of some lying defensed force officers. after my case was dimissed , my lawyer sued the government. they offered my lawyer a measly $ 12,000.00 of which he took almost half and i was left with a messed up life. i cried and prayed to God to curse this nation. now today i am blessed with a beautiful family and i am now watching all the nation’s sons and daughters turning into lesbians and faggots, and child molestors and i know this is my revenge on this nation. the worst is yet to come. this nation owes me. until this nation pays me for my lost oppurtunities, and the loss of my good name , your children will suffer. mark my word

  9. Private citizens : like my dad use to say: take these kinds of unnamed persons out back behind the barn and make them dig a hole big enough for them to fit in it. Some of mothers and fathers know whom they are that does these kinds of things. Show no MERCEY.

  10. Heard the Commissioner os Police say that the child died of respiratory complications.however he needs to find out if the respiratory failure might have been as a result of infections from oral sex.It is good that the COP has read or been informed of blogs criticising him and now he has come up from under his desk. Good going COP now keep us informed of everything that affects us.

  11. My mother was telling me about this god awful incident with the five month old baby girl that was molested then later died. My god what has GONE WRONG in the BAHAMAS! Are we gonna wait until we have another child molested, killed or mis-treated before the government steps in and rectify these problems. HANGING I believe is the only solution to many of these problems that are happening to the young children in our society. We as a nation need to put fear in many of these “SICKO’S” who feel as if they can do a crime and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist with our children. And if this is an under age child/adult who molested this child then he should be punished to the full extent of the law.I feel that are kids are open up to too many explicit materials/information at a young age, and children are curious, children are now dictating to the parents not the parents governing theirs kids.

  12. If indeed the perpetrator is a child himself, his parents should have hell to pay. I agree with child of the 60s, too much sexual material is available to children. Parents are no longer mother and father but are now friends of their children, allowing them to run amock as they like and acting as they choose. Children now discipline the parents. What a mess!

  13. How do you stone a 10 year old? How do you cut of the penis or testicles of a 10 year old. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I would not lie I wanted to be the 1st to cast the stone but my goodness can I really through a stone at a 10 year old. My heart is breaking!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a son around that age whom I know could not phatom such a thing from. He is to busy playing Wii & Game cube & study for exams in the 5th grade. What the HELL. I’m sorry but I can’t believe what your saying. I refuse to believe it’s a 10 year old. Now if you had said 16+ yes I can seee it but MY GOD NOT 10. ( Please excuse my bluntness from here on out). You’re LIYING I’m sorry but I REFUSE to believe that b\c I don’t see how a 10 year old can raise a hard on penetrate a baby to kill her. My son penis is bearly raise or gets hard & if it does PLEASE it sure as hell don’t stay hard that long to do any damage. I’m sorry but DON’T cover this CRIME up. Would the REAL PERVERT please STEP FORWARD. It probably was the father, boyfriend, uncle, brother, cousin, or real close member of the family, but not a 10 year old. Sorry child of the 60s but I don’t believe your comment, if I’m wrong than forgive me, but I would have to see that to beleive it.

  14. For all those persons gathered in Bank Lane to get a view of the sex pervert you will be surely disappointed even to the point of getting more hysterical.The perpetrator is only ten yrs old.Thats right only ten.On this site it was discussed that the boys in EMR might resort to doing to others what was done to them.We now need to know what spurred this ten year old to resort to unspeakable acts.Children are exposed to too much sexual material and this is causing untold damage to their psyche.Not only should this ten yr old be charged but also any adult who lived on that premises.Look at what our country is coming to because we have turned from God and allowed our children to raise themselves.It is time to get back to the old ways.

  15. i cannot beleive what the bahamas as a small country is comming to . This so unpredictable to understand y such a man as this would have sex with a baby. If u thought and u might have said what pleasures does he get out of this. We must put ourselves and our children on LOCDOWN the devil seeking and the lord is comming. People be prepared cause the end is drwaing near

  16. i cannot beleive what the bahamas as a small country is comming to . This so unpredictable to understand y such a man as this would have sex with a baby. If u thought and u might have said what pleasures does he get out of this. We must put ourselves and our children on LOCDOWN the devil seeking and the lord is comming. People be prepared for of this comming for this is the end of the end.

  17. i tink that should b the last straw for these sick bastards. They need to implament a law that states that if u rape a child or adult u get your stuff cut rite off or just b stoned

    Mr. Garvey do you really think that had the Christian Council(CC) or the public responded to you immediately on your plea to fight child molestation that that the baby girl would not have died and all would be well today. How naive!!! I agree that the CC and churches in the Bahamas can do more but they are not experts even in the field of religon and salvation . Case and point Bishop Fazier. This certainly isn’t going anywhere. The core issues in the long term are effective parenting and education and in the short term crisis management. How can we get the fathers to take a more active role in parenting or just basically meeting the financial needs of their children so that mothers can stay at home and look after them or atleast be home when the child returns from school? but rather she hustling for money and the child fends for himself…How can we get young women to believe in themselves and not rely on bodyworks so to speak? There is child abuse in our own homes and we don’t even recognise it, parents cursing/screaming at /beating/belittling their own children. Mental abuse is worse than anything because it lives inside you and what about other uglies i.e. incest..why does it occur? how can we stop/reduce it? So don’t let your dislike for the CC and others alienate your organisation because some good can come out this if all the organisations band together using their time and resources to help in providing the short term and long term solutions needed. Let’s not try cases in public..there is a proper place for trials. By the way, what happened to Families for Justice org?


  19. This Guy is sick..they need to place him sumwhere and let people stone him to death. He is a disgrace to Mankind. How cud u stoop so low and do such a terrible thing to a poor inncoent child like that? Even tho many people are angry and upset over his doings whatever his punishment on earth he will still have high hell to pay with the Wrath of God.


  21. Garvey, I have to agree with you…I have a problem with them now only saying that the Nation is in a crisis…the nation was in a crisis long time ago but it seemed like everything got swept under a rug or was buried to save face. We’ve got to face the facts that we have some people in this country who have messed up many of our nation’s children. Cordell Farrington can be called the poster child for that. Now that another child has died, the nation is in crisis? What about those who are living with that pain each day? What about the young boy from EMR High who was molested by his teacher and is now living with HIV because of being introduced to that homosexual lifestyle??? What about the cases that we don’t even know about that were hidden from the public?
    A also agree with CAGEDBIRD….parents don’t want to parent anymore..they give their children the option of whether they want to go to church or stay home and watch tv…but yet they can go out to the hottest club spots and reggae concerts. I am a youth group leader in my church and I am absolutely fed up…the members are not consistent and would bring out their children to rehearsal when they feel good or the day before they’re suppose to sing so they could get glory…but these kids don’t miss any basketball games and dis games and that game…and they don’t miss any parties..but they have a big problem bringing them to church for an hour or two to learn something that can edify their spirit and teach them how to be a better person…you are so correct cagedbird…the churches empty and the clubs are filled…and Bahamian parents are raising a generation of BALLERS.

    For those who want to know what Bahamians are doing go on Facebook and join the group Bahamas Against Sexual Violence and Child Abuse… They are planning a rally in Nassau for June 20th.

  22. Morning Troy, as I said I’m in Freeport but please do let me know if there will be a March please state time & place. If the March is not being held in Freeport then let me know if we should have one here at the same time as the one in Nassau. If need be I will be willing to contact local news regarding this, the eariler I know the better. We MUST take a STAND.

  23. @cagedbird
    I think this is a hard call. The Bible clearly states that vengeance belongs to the Lord. Yes, we are outraged. This crime is outrageous. I felt physically ill just reading it. I am sure all of us on this blog have beliefs and opinions about what we think should happen to this person. But the Christian Council has its creed to follow also. I thoroughly believe that they can do more to address our nation’s ills. But the people have to seek God in order to find him.

    The biggest problem we have in our country stems from a falling away from God. It’s the simple truth. We have “successfully” raised an entire generation of ‘unchurched’ and ‘untrained’ individuals. We blame the Christian Council for their shortcomings, but what can they do really? We have neglected to take our children to church. We have failed to train our children in the ways that allow them to become good citizens. It’s just like people to call on God, when things go wrong, and when things are ok, we forget. When the economy was going well, and things were good, we lived it up. Now that things are bad, we talk bad about the Christian Council. Get right or get left. We call ourselves a Christian nation, and Sunday mornings, where are we. The churches are empty, but the clubs are filled. We need to get our priorities straight. This nation is crying out, but the Bible says, if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray…HE WILL HEAL OUR LAND. Take a moment and pray….

    I feel terrible for saying this, but the worse is yet to come. I believe that this is still the calm before the storm hits….My fellow Bahamians, protect your kids, protect your families, your homes…

  24. Objective thought :

    Kim Sands :@Objective thought I agree with your comment 100%. This is certainly a wake up call for parents and I hope more of them would exercise better judgments.[Reply]

    Kim I heard even some more disturbing news today about this incident..
    A close relative of the mother involved said that the mother never wanted that child and she allowed her companion to do whatever he wanted to her child! In fact the relative said that the mother was quite happy when she learned that her child had died!!!
    Can you believe that??? We have some sick people in this world!!! I could not believe it!!!

    It is hard for me to believe a woman would endure 9 months of pregnancy, deliver a baby and when the child reaches 5 months they would stand by and allow someone to rape it. That just does not sound right to me, but then again who knows we have some very sick people on this planet.

  25. @Tina

  26. that person should be beaten so bad with the cat till he can”t stand ,can you imanige how that poor baby cried,I have a 18 month baby girl plus two 9 years @ one 8 years(grands) if somebody hurt them it will be hell to pay from the whole family something has to be done

  27. The sad fact about this is he is going to be given bail in the amount of $3000 cash and 1 surety, the case will be dragged in and out of court for the next 3-5years, then he will be set free. Or if he is charged, he will be given a sentenced of no more than 5 years, and then is free the molest another baby! If the Christian Counsel feel that strongly about not hanging, obviously, we the people should think stronly about the removal of the Christian Cousel and protect the future of our Bahamaland.

  28. I pray & hope that this is not true about the mother. I am writing from Freeport & need to know what are the people in Nassau doing? What’s going on? How are you guys protesting? How can I start something here? Are you guys marching if so when? Do they have someone in custody? The news is hush about it. I want to know whats going on this is really brothering me.

    This is a wake up call to all parents we need NOT to be HUSH about these things. We need to EXPOSE such people for who they are and DEAL with them. I pray & hope they don’t lock him up & say it’s bc hes crazy. CRAZY my ASS!!!

    I’m sorry but he deserve to DIE!!!! If the mother has anything to do with it she deserve to die all well. I’m sorry that’s just my take on this. I HAVE ZERO tolerance for such people. To hell with them they can’t be reabilated they need to be tortured. The same way they tortoured that child can you imanige her SCREAM her TEARS for help, her innocense. THE HELL with HIM and anyone else involved.

  29. Kim Sands :@Objective thought
    I agree with your comment 100%. This is certainly a wake up call for parents and I hope more of them would exercise better judgments.

    Kim I heard even some more disturbing news today about this incident..

    A close relative of the mother involved said that the mother never wanted that child and she allowed her companion to do whatever he wanted to her child! In fact the relative said that the mother was quite happy when she learned that her child had died!!!

    Can you believe that??? We have some sick people in this world!!! I could not believe it!!!

  30. Last week,there was a press conference held in Nassau,Bah. with T.O.U.C.H and Bahamas Against Crimes,in a joint effort to make a plea for all in sundry to join hands together to fight the sexual molestation,child abuse and all other ills that faces our children today in our country,and I told the Bahamian people that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and we got no immediate response from the public nor the CHRISTIAN COUNCIL!!! BUT,BUT!!!!! 2DAYS later a 5mths old baby dies to the hands of a PAEDOPHILE and now the CHRISTIAN COUNCIL holds a press conference after the fact and says enough is enough??Come on man,you waited until the ultimate happened to really open your eyes and mouths to speak out against these people?

  31. ronica7 :
    Altec, I said most men, not all men. If you do not think 700 plus teenage pregnancies a year is an atrocious amount for a small country as ours you had better think again.

    Dear Ronica7, my response to your quote still holds true.

    You said

    Jt, I digress. I was just musing over how most men in our country have sexual proclivities for very young girls, for very young boys and for infants!

    My response was

    Ronica7 I take issue with your claim the “MOST MEN…have sexual proclivities for very young girls.” if this was true then it would mean that teenage pregnancy and child molestation is uncontrollably rampant in the Bahamas and that notion i simply reject.

    Fact is to use the term “most men” or “most” anything at a minimum means 6 out of 10. Your claim is simply ridiculous. Do some men have a penchant for very young girls? Disturbingly yes. But its simply wrong to say “most men” do.

    Point number 2.

    If you do not think 700 plus teenage pregnancies a year is an atrocious amount for a small country as ours you had better think again.

    Let me tell you what i do think: One teen pregnancy is unacceptable. My point is in your post (#20) you re implying that the teen pregnancies are due mainly in part to older men and it is to that claim that i take exception. YOU ARE OVERSTATING IT!. Many of these young girls get pregnant by boys their own age or age bracket but your claim is that these girls get pregnant mostly by older men. Thats simply not true.

    Yes, 700 plus teen pregnancies is high and is unacceptable but thats 700 plus teens out of 30-40,000 teenage girls. One teen pregnancy is one too many, but there is no need to go over board.

  32. I spent hours conselling Christian women who are so upset they are ready to form a mob and takeout this despicable manee.Can you imagine this?me a radical asking others to let the law take its course and to stay on the right side of the fence.I hope the Police dont allow another person to die in their custody.The same way they crowded the HOA to keep Hanna Martin out they better protect the pervert the same way.After months of the EMR situation the whole country has reached a boiling point and might explode in vigilantee justice.I again say Christian Council come forward and show the citizenry you care .Arrange services in your churches to heal the flock.Oh Lord we need it right now as we as a country is hurting from all of these unfortunate incidents taking place in our couintry right now.

  33. Altec, I said most men, not all men. If you do not think 700 plus teenage pregnancies a year is an atrocious amount for a small country as ours you had better think again.

    Call it, you get the point that i am am trying to make, as long as the homes are not right and continue to produce unwanted pregnancies,as long as babies, continue to have babies, and as long as we continue on the downward spiral educationally, we will have more of the same!

  34. I am highy upset bout this sick news!!! My God is not pleased with this I am a mother of two beutiful girls 6years and 7mths old. When I heard this I was sick for a few days and I am still not sitting well with this. I guide my girls with my life and I am very careful with whom I leave them with. I pretty much tke them every where. I don’t even leave them with their dad unless I really have to, not that I don’t trust him its just that I feel as a mother I am their protector. I am praying for the parents of this angel that they find peace in the midst of this turmoil of evil act done to thier precious child. Please pray for them and all the children all around the world who are being preyed on by these demons. Lord let justice be done swiftly so nthat these animals be put to death so that others will think twice before they hurt another angel!

  35. I am in TEARS!!!!!!!!!! What is going on I am sorry but we need to take our message to new heights. We need to make an example ou of him. Suggestions needs to be made. CUT off his PENIS!!!!!!!! Then tie his ASS to a tree and stone him to DEATH. Let all the Bahamian women, mothers fathers and anyone who give a damn particate. Hell as broke as I am I would fly to the capital for it.


  37. Am ashamed and lost for words.Yes Call it as I see it,the rot in our society is now visible because we neglected to solve the problem many years ago.We can however look at our neglect of not paying attention to sexual matters by implementing new iniatives that punish offenders thus sending a strong message to would be future perpetrators.There is an irony to this whole situiation as some lawyer will actually take this case and do all in their power to get an acquittal notwithstanding the evidence that might be adduced by the prosecution.

  38. When I heard that a five month old infant had been raped, and died as a result of being rape, it made every fiber in my body scream, I AM SO ANGRY at the beast of did this to an infant, what pleasure can a five month old baby give him. People listen up, if it was my baby trust me, that beast would be laying in the morgue along with my baby. Putting him in prison is too good, he dont deserve to be in prison to be taken care of by taxpayers. That beast need to be turn over to the public because the justice system in this country is not serious. The perfect punishment for the beast is to cut his penis of inch by inch (every day cut a piece of) torture him and this should be done right out there in Rawson Square so that those jokers sitting in the house of parliament would see that we the citizens of the Bahamas is sick and tired of criminals doing as they see fit in this country and getting a way with it. Enough is enough.

    The Justice System, politicians and the Christian Council who always have so much to say, better step up to the plate and do something fast before this country become one of real vigilanty justice.

    Hey remember the saying, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”
    You kill my dog, trust me I’m gonna kill your dog, cat, cow, goat, sheep and all your animals.

    This mess just got to stop, and stop now

  39. I do not know why you guys are so surprised, This has been happening from way back when and MANY have turned a blind eye. Like I said last month, the Government’s PACE school is a good example of how we have accepted the abuse of our children as a norm. Not all of the students of PACE have teenage boyfriends and word about prosecution is never mentioned.

    How many teenager girls have passed throught the Government hospital to deliver babies for grown man and not a word was uttered by the authorities?? How many girls had children for their fathers and nothing was done?? How many parents pimp their daughters because the boyfriend pays the light bill or buys groceries?? How many of these men are free to visit the home at any time and even spend the night??? This is not a job for the Government, it is called parenting.

    I strongly believe that this may not have been the first time this child was abused in it’s short time here on earth. The difference this time is that was severe enough to require medical attention and the infant died. I have heard children say so and so has touched me and once the Police gets involved, the mother paints the child as the biggest liar ever. Case closed.

    I guess we have forgotten the six year old girl who was savagely attacked last year. As parents we need to be more responsible and careful about who we leave our children with.(BOYS AND GIRLS) We are too trusting and still believes that the village will raise our child. Newsflash, this ain the same village we once knew.

    By three o’clock today, hundreds of young children in the Bahamas will be left unattended or in harms way for hours. Parents if you cannot take care of those children, leave them in God’s Kingdom.

  40. Christian council I say scream.scream, scream.we need you now to lead us away from the myriad of problems we are experiencing.I will hide my disgust bcos as you know TP and others I can get very radical and obnoxious like our PM HAI.Hopefully the Christian Council will call for a peace vigil b4 our country resorts to vigilism.Every mother father ,sister,brother,cousin grandparents etc etc is hurting over this incident.The nation needs healing and PM HAI and Opposition Leader Christie need to call a joint press conference so that all and sundry would know that on this matter they are together.

  41. I was telling someone this is why capital punishment is NOW needed again. I am too young to know about it but, i went to school and i study history and this justice system. Crime rate was low because if you do a crime you get capital punishment. Now you kill, rape and the list goes on and on you get a free vacation, free food , a place to live with no rent, no worries about anything, you eat and sleep and be merry. This is the reason why people don’t fear doing any crime. Its now we need to go back to the old way. Kill and be Killed by the justice system. Rape and your manhood would be cut off. Steal and your hand will be cut off. The old way helped. Now is the time to go back to that way. This story brough me to tears.

  42. How does it occur to someone to do this to a baby? This made me sick to my stomach…My goodness the very fabric of our society is rapidly eroding. Things are getting worse everyday. Sadly, I believe the parents know who did this. We know who have access to our kids, especially babies.

  43. @Altec

    Seen that this was an infant and the nature of the crime, I believe they had to hold both parents for questioning. The latest update I got they both have been released, it want sound like someone else is responsible for this sick act. Altec, this situation is getting stranger by the minute, all I want is for the right person to be arrested and let the law takes it course. Nowadays it is just so hard to be a child. the children goes to school the teachers there raping them, in the church the pastors raping them, in the home your own family members raping them, you can even carry the children for a treat to McDonald anymore some bastard in the restroom waiting to rape them. I don’t know what we can do for the children to feel safe in this country again and I know a lot of parents don’t sleep in the nights, because they are so worried about the safety of their children. Although I feel the current government can be doing much more, they can only do so much. We need to get back to serving God. Many people have placed their trust in government, but all government will disappoint you. We can change them and change them and these types of things will still happen.

  44. Kim Sands :Everyday, I try to live my life by the laws, but this one time I would have had to make an exception. I already know the laws are designed to protect the criminals and I could see them sending this person to go lay up in Sandilands. Talking about they crazy. Well if they crazy, they should have been in a mental institution and not alone with no baby.

    Kim I just have a feeling that it’s a close relative of that child… Parents need to be real careful with whom them leave their children… Too many parents have children but they want to carry on life as though they are single by leaving their children with any and everybody!!

    I have a feeling that this act was done by an under age person (under 18)because I can’t see an adult doing something like this to a 5 month old baby!!!! This is just sick!!!!

  45. I see the police is now leaking information to the media about Michael Knowles’s death and this is precisely why independant persons or organisation must conduct this investigation.I am now fully in agreement with Justice Jon Isaacs’s criticisms of Reginald Ferguson.Mr.Ferguson in seeking to defend his officers should and must be aware that the police failed to follow the law and procedules as it relates to minors.Since in previous post i have listed those laws and procedules i will not repeat myself but to those in media who will seek to make a villian of the 15 year old boy just think of the following youth.OBAMA WAS A MARIJUANA SMOKING YOUTH.GEORGE BUSH WAS A RUM DRINKING AND SOME SAY COCAINE SNIFFING YOUTH.THEY BOTH CHANGED THEIR WAYS AND THE REST IS HISTORY.

  46. Look people!!!!!!!!We say we dont want to place blame but i will tell you this….When your head is sick so is the body and when the head consumes evil, the whole body is poisoned!! The land will pay for the wickedness of its leadership!!

  47. Something happen along the way, this undesirable wicked sexual predator did not became this over night. Either this person were abused as a child and now they are reacting out what happened to them, maybe they feed their minds with filth by watching pornography and buying those dirty magazines or they might of had a history of fooling around with little children and now they have moved on to babies. Whatever the reason this person is out of control and something must be done to get this person of our streets and out of our homes… Even if this person spends the rest of their life behind bar that would not be sufficient justice for what this twisted mind person has done. They need to reintroduce capital punishment.

  48. @Drama King
    Drama, a cut ass, for a person with this mentality, means absolutely nothing. To do this kind of sexual crime, this person must be totally devoid of human emotion. A search of his history will most likely confirm that he is a pedophile. Oh no, a cut ass won’t do, he will be convicted and prison will confirm justice is served.

  49. I could only imagine the anguish of the child’s parents. It is unfortunate when words like “vigilante justice” is branded about. This is one time those who are angered by this murder to maintain a calm head. This is enough to enrage the general populous but is also the one time that I believe the police will step up to the task and do the right thing swiftly and properly.

  50. I think the cops should seek out this bastard and turn him/her over to the people of this society. An old fashioned cut ass and stoning is due here. This is the sickess thing I’ve heard of in this Bahamaland. This is beyond sick.

  51. Birbal had help from people that is like him.
    The difference with the person that molested this cihld is he must be deranged.That is why Mr Hulan from the police admonished parents to be careful who they leave their children with.

  52. Pedpiles are every where, and the sad thing is we do not know who they are.That is Birbal was able to skip town so easily.

  53. It is time now for the government to take a serious look at the laws of this great country and make drastic changes. I personally would like to see the juvinile age for boys drop to 16 yrs and be trailed as an adult. Too many of the crimminal element is perpertrated by young boys who manipulate the judicial system. Girls should be raised to 18 years. If only to curb the sexual permiscuity that is rampant throughout the country.

  54. And some of these women just too slack, they don’t care who they bring around their children. Once they are paying the bills. I better wait to hear how this story goes, because all kind of things running through my mind right now.

  55. Everyday, I try to live my life by the laws, but this one time I would have had to make an exception. I already know the laws are designed to protect the criminals and I could see them sending this person to go lay up in Sandilands. Talking about they crazy. Well if they crazy, they should have been in a mental institution and not alone with no baby.

  56. ronica7 :
    Jt, I digress. I was just musing over how most men in our country have sexual proclivities for very young girls, for very young boys and for infants!

    Ronica7 I take issue with your claim the “MOST MEN…have sexual proclivities for very young girls.” if this was true then it would mean that teenage pregnancy and child molestation is uncontrollably rampant in the Bahamas and that notion i simply reject. Is it a problem? Yes, but i think your musing is a bit off.

    What is the national rate of teen pregnancies in the Bahamas? 2 in 10 maybe 3 in 10 the most. I agree that teenage pregnancy is an issue but lets not over state it by making wild statements.

  57. Jt, I digress. I was just musing over how most men in our country have sexual proclivities for very young girls, for very young boys and for infants!

    Alot of the problems we have stem from these same young girls, becoming pregnant, that is the root cause. I will wager a bet that the mother or parents of the child is someone very young.

    Grown bahamian men facilitate these young girls albeit being parents themselves of underage girls, or girls at the age of 16.

    We will continue to see these invidious acts perpertrated on our young as long as these men continue to abuse these young girls.

  58. @ronica7
    I agree with you wholeheartedly, but this is another level. This is a defenseless child. A baby!!! We have a lot of young girls out there that are fully experienced. It is disgusting the way these girl throw themselves at older men. At the same time, there are some girls with good qualities. These girls are aware of what’s going on, and they make choices based on how they feel. Only a deeply sick individual would even think to harm a baby. I hope they find that person(who in my opinion is a family member or friend of the family). I hope he gets what he deserves….to the full extent of the law..

  59. A country where a grown man can look at a 16yr old child and say she is off age,’ she can give consent for me to have sex with her’.

    Is it any wonder we have so much teenage pregancy!! That same 16yr old, cannot buy her own school uniform but yet she is free to have sex.

    Thats why the sex fiends are having a field day with our young girls!

  60. Hi Rudy,
    You are back!
    It is so good to know that your heart is pure.

    What do you think about unethical lawyers?

  61. @kevin mckenzie
    You right. Change must come from us! Politicians are opportunist, that’s all. How many of them have gotten involved in the community, helped the poor or mentored to some young people? You really think Glenys and Co., were have carried on like that if there was no tv camera. I don’t think so. Both sides are guilty, just don’t try and insult us by saying you care because you don’t. You only worried about sitting in that power seat!!

  62. For those of you who think ms.Hanna Martin is exploiting Michael Knowles death,i entreat you to research the TRIBUNE archives for March and April,1984.You will see the FNM blaming the PLP for the increase in crime.The FNM holding marches against rape and promising to increase the penalties on these crime and to administer the cat nine tails on all rapists.Well the FNM became the government in 1992-2002 and sad to say after the mass exploitation of those women the FNM DIDNOT FULFILLED ANY OF THOSE PROMISES.The FNM is the government again and it does not look like they intend to increase the punishment on rapists.The point i am making is that it is up to us the ordinary Bahamian to insist that governments enact laws and then enforce them for the good of the citizens.Slavery was abolished after the citizens preached and spoke of its evil.Civil Rights were achieved after the ordinary people marched,bled and some died for it.In other words POLITICIANS ARE ALWAYS HAPPY WITH THE STATUS QUO,IT IS US THE ORDINARY FOLKS THAT MUST DEMAND AND CAUSE CHANGES.

  63. @COME ON!

    COME ON! :
    @Russell Johnson
    I undersrtand your passion for this case and the attorney general must find new ways to swiftly speed up trials and review the constitution. [Reply]

    I rolled over last night till round 4am after i read this post by BP. Our country is going to hell and the justice system is leading the way. The blood of the innocent is crying out for justice and its only a matter of time before God’s anger hits the country because the wicked are prospering all around us at an incredible rate and the people are looking to the government for solutions and the government is too busy creating distractions rather then deal with the issues.

    The truth is:

    1. We dont need new laws, what we need is for the powers that be to carry out the laws. There are too many people in management positions in the government that just let things slide and they dont care for the consequences. When those in charge of administrating the law are careless in handling the law, lawlessness will reign and thats exactly what we have going on in this country – to many people are looking the other way and all that does is embolden those who seek to do wickedness.

    2. The penal code has many loopholes that those in parliament wont close with a SIMPLE AMENDMENT. The biggest one is the the BAIL ACT and no government seems to want to amend it. Last year double digit murders were committed by people ON BAIL and this year is trending the same. How many murders would have NOT happened if the Bail Act was amended last year? Blood is on the hands of the FNM and PLP governments. Those guys arent serious about crime, their actions prove it.

    3. Within the last 15 yrs both PLP and FNM governments have quietly moved away from capital punishment in order to appease the Europeans who has legislative influence in the Bahamas through the Privy Council as often times their verdicts become accepted and treated as law in the Bahamas. As a country we need to reconsider our relationship with this body. There is a reason why every Caribbean country has agreed to the Caribbean Court of Justice. They know that Europe is creating legislation from the bench that isnt in line with their culture and moral values. But leave it to the spineless Bahamian government to bend over and let foreign governments and legislators dictate what should be done here.

    4. We need to reform the entire penal code and implement minimum sentencing guidelines for the judges because we give our judges too much latitude and their sentencing is very inconsistent. Very often you get two different verdicts for similar crimes.

    5. This country needs another 7-12 judges to sit on the bench and to deal with the backlog of cases. Why didnt the PLP or FNM bring in the judges needed to have a functioning court? They say they dont have the money. WELL IF YOU CAN BORROW $120 MILLION TO FIX THE ROADS, WHY CANT YOU BORROW $10-$15 MILLION TO FIX THE COURTS? The nice roads will be worthless if the people are afraid to come outside.

    Let me tell you whats going to happen: Watch and see how swift and severe the punishment will be to this individual who raped this child simply because of the public outrage. The question is why cant justice always be swift and severe when no public pressure is applied in the Bahamas?

  64. @Russell Johnson

    I undersrtand your passion for this case and the attorney general must find new ways to swiftly speed up trials and review the constitution. Firstly, The action of Glennys Hanna and her policical freinds dont come off to be a GENUWINE MOVEMENT. Firstly, There are rules and regulations we all must obey and THERE IS SOMETHING THAT IS CALLED PROTOCOL. Martin shouldve excercise her rights THE PROPER way and let alone she suppose to be a LEADER. Let me give you an example of when Hulen Hanna came to my school’s senior retreat in 2007. He said if a police violate you in any way or form YOU SHOULD NOT.. I REAPEAT should NOT fight back or talk back to the police.. You should get the police’s name and NUMBER. NOW back to Hanna if You follow her actions and did the same in this scenerio YOU WOULDVE BEEN LOCKED THE HELL UP!

    THAT WOMAN is a smart POLITICIAN dnt be fooled dnt be stupid she had all of this planed to rally the plps and to say the fnm is discriminating her. I DOnt think YAL dont understand the importance of that meeting. “THE BUDGET DEBATE” Thats a very very IMPORTANT meeting. The Bahamain ECONOMY is not doing so well in case yal dont know… We get our bread and butter from TOURISM.. THATS DOWN!.. Our second industry is our BANKING SYSTEM….. That is going to be in corruption VERY SOON thanks to President Obama which is for BAHAMA.

    I hate when people say I for FNM i fa PLP and this shit and the next… Bahamains MUST UNDERSTAND that FNM and PLP are both full of shit.. Now Im not a FNM im sure as hell aint a PLP IM A BAHAMAIN. My first time voting was in 2007 and I VOTED FOR F.N.M… mainly because I beleve in there leadership style and portfolio. Perry Christie is my Grand Mother’s cousin Shes a Allen…. My Grandmother husband is related to Hubert hes a Ingraham… WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP BLAMING GVT and start to do things the right way?

  65. @“Empress”
    EMPRESS, if I offended you I apologize,my point was and still is that. While you did not point fingers at anyone you insinuated that THE SPEAKER,MR TURNQUEST AND MS LORETTA BUTLER is capable of suppresing this evil.WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS ?
    You are right something evil has come our way and we are being held hostage by this force and now is not the time be divided.We must drop all differences and come together as one to combat this Pandora’s box We are not doing that by cussing and calling each other names.I agree with you. No one and I repeat no one person can be blamed for what is happening today. We are all responsible.
    By all indication you are a y and I commend you for your intellegence.You are wise beyond your age.Unfortunately the boomers that are in charge now is not willing to step down until after 2012.

  66. TP says:to Empress”
    The Bahamas is in serious problem when we continue to blame the goverment for everything that goes wrong

    A man is in charge of his home as a man is responsible for his wife and children.When the Govt was changed in 2007 it was under the pretence that they could do much better than the previous Govt.Policies and an effective judiciary AND REMEMBER THE urban renewal project?ha ha look at the name and check the Crime statistics as Govt agencies were in the most vulnerable communities and impacted crime.The former Arch Bishop Drexel Gomez said that URTBAN RENEWAL was the most effective social system implemented to deal with the ills of society.Govt was not in every home but their agencies were and communities were learning to look out for themselves.Social services were proactive rather than reactive.This is a golden opportunity for the Govt to dust off the program and use it as means of preventing future problems.There are Cabinet Ministers who support Urban Renewal and they should now bring it b4 cabinet and have it done as practiced when Dr Desiree Cox and Dr David Allen were involved.

  67. Am tough but crying as in my mind it did not have to be like this.We need the return of swift justice now.Everyting in this country is political and the present Govt must lead and stop politicking.More Courts need to be used to get rid of the backlog of cases.A few yrs ago a young man was given custody of his niece 7 month old to keep when the mother returned the child was dead.An autopsy performed and sexual molestation was given as the cause of death.The perpetrator has been charged but of course he is probably on bail now.It is time for the stop review policies to be abandoned and Govt in the sunshine to reign.I dont care what anyone says but the Attorney General and Prime Minister must implement policies to get the Court system running.Notice I did not mention Tommy bcos he has an effective Police Force who gets the accuse but the cases are bogged down.Glennys Hanna Martin was right,Melanie Griffin was right in crying out for the children despite the detractors.We all remember the attacks we endured a few weeks ago when we discussed the Andros school molestation case even to the point of psychical harm.I say to our Govt.forget the politics and lead b4 things get worse.They would have the support of ALL BAHAMIANS.Christian Council arrange a vicil at Fort Charlotte to confront the monster of sexual molestation and CRIME.

  68. BP and bloggers,this morning is not a regular morning for me,my heart bleeds,and my passion has been shattered,to hear of such an unthinkable act performed by,(I have to say an ANIMAL).We the Bahamians, morns today!! How much longer? or what else has to happen? b4 we really take control of our society and the country on the whole?

    I said last week ENOUGH IS ENOUGH for other children and now members of the christian council waited until a BABY! A BABY!To be a victim then cries out enough is enough?Lets get serious people,we are losing our country by losing our youths.



  69. To resolve or control CRIME.. THE GOVERMENT, FAMILIES, CHURCHES should look at the root problems…. When dealing with CRIME you should just look at one industry.. Crime doesnt start out of no where.. The following ministries must work together to control this epidemic: Security+Immigration+Education+Social Services= Less Crime. Security should be the main head quaters for crime as usual. Immigration must find some new inovations to record illegal immigrants and punish them.. Education is THE CRUCIAL industry.. the youths are the futur therefore STRICTING all goverment school when a student reaches 3 suspension they should be transfered under Social Service to undergoe a investigation of the family home and prosecute the parents. And They should send them to BOOT camp or some sort in a deserted ISLAND to learn a trade and control there VIOLENT ways. Social Services need more qualified confidential INVESTIGATORS, COUNSELORS to work with Churches< families, Schools to INVESTIGATE parents and hold them in control.

    We need more GOVERMENT WORKS expecially in the SOCIAL SERVICE department. OH YES ALSO we need UPDATE our Constitution. The person who raped the baby will be charged for Malestation and will be charge for a few years.. WE NEED TO PUT THE PARENTS under INVESTIGATION also, There roles in the matter should be investigated and should be charged for something!

  70. Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil, Evil!!! There is no other way to describe it. This EVIL person must have been waiting for this child to born to fulfill some sick and twisted sexual fantasy. 5 month old baby? Come on man! How sick can you be? If that was my child I swear I would have been sitting down waiting patiently for the police to come with my scissor in my hands after I finished cutting that sick bastard privates up into tiny little pieces. This is so sick man!!!! You say the parents in for questioning? The parents?

  71. I have two words for this “Captial Punishment’ these creeps need to feel the lash of the cat nine tail…we need to give these would be sickos a taste of there own the case of this baby being rape that fella needs to have his penis cut off…let me stop I am so angry right now….

  72. @ tp:
    Goodbye to All That PLP and FNM Blame Gaming: That Is Why Our Youths Don’t Give A Damn
    This is not my usual contribution to articles as such and I’m not incline to participate in Blogs because I think they won’t accomplish the goals I’ve placed upon myself as a young adult. But I find it necessary to respond to this individual who seems to be blinded by his own biasness. I wrote earlier today under the Troy Garvey’s Nassaus investigation article concerning the five month old baby that was molested and died as a result and for what ever reason, tp seems to have identifed my post with pointing finger at the current government. Obvious comprehension was not one of his strong points in school, because nowhere in my post did I say or imply that the government was responsible.
    As it now stands tp, We need leaders who will blaze trials, who no longer accept the false choice between being tough on crime and vigilant in our pursuit of justice. Dr. King said: “It’s not either/or, it’s both/and” We can have a crime policy that’s both tough and smart. If you’re convicted of a crime involving molestation of children of course you should be punished. But let’s not make the punishment for lil 15 year old Knowles who’s father is not an MP more severe than the punishment for Master Bethel’s, when the real difference between the two is the gated community behind which one lives. Judges think that’s wrong. FNM’s think that’s wrong, PLP’s think that’s wrong, and yet it’s been approved by both parties because no one has been willing to brave the politics and make it right. That will end when generation “R” takes the reigns in 2012. And that’s the point I was trying to acheive.

  73. A five month old. A five month old! A five month old! Now you know ALTEC we gata take our message to the next level right?


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