Five shot – with one fatality – in another night of carnage on the streets of the capital!

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NASSAU| Blood is running down the roads tonight in another inner-city community in the capital as the spate of violence and bloodshed continues unabated.

Police are right now at the scene of homicide #31 in the community of Plantol Street where another homicide has been recorded around 11:30pm Monday evening.

Bahamas Press can confirm some five persons were shot, with one having died on scene. The other four victims transported to hospital are listed in serious condition.

The carnage comes following a shooting last evening and, over the weekend, two double homicides, and an apparent suicide which is more likely to be another homicide; though yet still not concluded.

Police, however, continues to suggest that crime is down and the police plan is working. All we know though is this: the gunman dem are taking out two and three at a time.

We report yinner decide!