Gunshots rang out on West Street in Bain Town tonight – two shot up in vehicle!

Live scenes tonight on West Street in the Bain Town community where a couple has been shoot up inside a vehicle.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting a second night of shootings, this time in the Bains and Grants Town Community in the area of West Street in the vicinity of Rabbit Bar.

BP can confirm we have multiple shots fired into a vehicle, resulting in a male and female who were inside being shot up. Their conditions are still unknown.

While police are quiet on the incident, we are still wondering if all these multiple shootings are connected. Are they gang related? Are they connected to those double homicides last week and shootings this week?

Last evening on Plantol Street some five persons were shoot up. A male died on the scene in that incident and became the 31st homicide victim in the country.

Well, all we say is this: the police crime plan is working and crime is down!

We report yinner decide!