FNM considers dropping its South Eleuthera Candidate


Papa Clown is losing his crew before he should call an election. Another FNM may drop out of the race in South Eleuthera.

Reports confirm ex-wife in US sent FNM chiefs a shocking message

Nassau, Bahamas — Friends and well wishers of the demented and disturbed FNM South Eleuthera candidate are expressing their concern over his history in dealing with rejection.

Former college mates have confidentially reported to BP that Johnson could present a security risk to himself.

Our confidential sources takes us back to a love affair where Johnson was dumped by the love of his life at the time and due to his inability to deliver, he was pointed to the “LEFT” …

We are told that Ingraham’s demented star had to be watched around the clock in fear of him hurting himself. Suicidal INDEED like another Sandilands patient running in a Central Bahamas seat!

With Clay Sweeting taking off like a rockstar in the North and Attorney Damian Gomez now gaining momentum in the south, Eleuthera has GONE GOLD!

Our sources entrenched deep within the FNM tells us that Johnson is beginning to act freaky. Licking his tongue like a coke addict and behaving like a wacko jacko as his defeat is eminent.

FNMs last week canceled its rally in South Eleuthera following the disturbing news.

We have learnt Johnson had to leave the United States of America after a serious incident develops between he and his ex-wife four months ago.

When he was nominated and ratified by the FNM, Johnson had been in the country for only a few weeks.

Papa Desperate eh?

Bahamas Press calls on Ingraham to undergo a full psychological evaluation of Johnson before the General Elections.We advise Papa to also examine the head of his “Renaissance Man” who we are told is also acting wired in the islands.

A word from the wise is sufficient.