Papa clown in the red devil suit.

We see why the colour of the Party is red and its symbol is the torch – DEMON POSSESSED!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — We here at BP have GONE INTO DEEP MEDITATION TO PRAY AWAY THE DEMONS TAKING OVER OUR LAND. We see the FNM trying to equate and elevate Hubert Ingraham, aka Papa Clown to the Almighty God, maker of heaven and earth.

We cry shame on those demon possessed persons in the FNM who thought IT appropriate to play that song ‘NO BODY GREATER’ the other night in Johnson Road to introduce Papa Clown.

The usual “simply the best” has turned on him and is now referred to as ” simply a mess”. This is more appropriate considering the bungling of the road project of this Govt and the massive cost overruns of epic proportions that have never been seen in the history of this Country. [$100 Million dollars and counting].

In our view, Papa Clown may consider himself to be a tin god and is worshipped as one by the likes of some FNMS in this Country and we condemn those demons in the name of Our Lord and risen Saviour during this period of Lent.


We see Papa Clown saying in the press this morning that the song will not be played again and it was a mistake. Mistake my foot. It is pure unadulterated blasphemy and only because of public outrage, he has responded.

Papa Clown should have condemned it right after it was played before he spoke at the rally. RIGHT ON THE SPOT. That is what any decent, self respecting Christian person would have done. He cannot be taken seriously and we say that the truth is not in him. He allowed the song to be played all that night and took two days before he said anything.

We call on all right thinking, decent and Christians including the bunch of ” Heathens” at the Christian Council to condemn this blasphemy in the strongest possible terms.


We call on Papa Clown to repent of his sins and go in peace and sin no more. Voting you out of office surely is minor punishment and you deserve more major punishment for endorsing foolishness by the Heathens and Mongrels in the FNM.

We cry shame on the whole bunch of you sorcerers and vagabonds. We see why the symbol of the party is the torch, we hope you all burn in hell, in fact that too is minor punishment for this disgraceful behaviour in this our Christian Nation.

We mourn the passing of our Saviour and know that HE IS THE RISEN LORD AND LIVES AND REIGNS OVER ALL.


PS: We play this song to our risen LORD AND SAVIOUR! The ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD! The divine supreme being!