FNM facing trouble in North Abaco – Residents failed to come out to FNM event on the weekend –


Christie is Friend for the People in North Abaco – Community has turned GOLD! – Christie readies to land in the community and take seat!

Christie Lifts the Hand of North Abaco Candidate and tells residents come back home to the PLP!

Green Turtle Cay, Abaco – As we said earlier this week, when Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie steps his feet on the shores of North Abaco not long from now, it would be like footsteps of a Sovereign Ruler claiming territory from a defeated enemy and that is when he will raise the hand of Renardo Curry and declare a NEW DAY HAS COME TO NORTH ABACO!

Bahamas Press is at this hour down in Green Turtle Cay, North Abaco and from what we have witnessed for ourselves, we can tell you that North Abaco has gone GOLD and Renardo Curry shall be declared victorious following the by-election.

The tide has turned in his favour in the community and FNM leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis now battling for his life to remain leader of the FNM, flying back to Nassau to rescue his image. Today, after getting chased out of the community in North Abaco, Minnis met with Publisher of the Punch and, just after 1:30 pm today, met with the press – like they can help him.

We can confirm a grand event by the PLP in the constituency last night gave PLP candidate Curry a rallying crowd for the governing party. Curry reminded members of the constituency that the time is now to get onboard with the PLP Government as a New Day has been declared all over the Bahamas!

A small disappointing group of FNM supporters showed up to meet FNM candidate for North Abaco. Low numbers at FNM events on the island concerns leaders as focus is gathering for a leadership battle at Convention following North Abaco defeat. Loretta Butler-Turner is campaigning for the top job.

We are told while Minnis and his hologram candidate was out of North Abaco this weekend, he was replaced in the constituency by Loretta Butler Turner, who, along with Tommy T, Dion, Peter Turnquest and others, were on a tour of the constituency. Butler-Turner wants to bring sexy back to the FNM and her team believes the first way to do it is by getting rid of Minnis following the Party’s defeat in the by-election.

Butler this past weekend failed to show up and support candidates in the community as she was busy collecting support for her leadership bid of the party.

Turner, we are told, had four boats filled with FNM supporters out of Grand Bahama join her in the constituency over the weekend and from our account when the event began, only 15 residents from Green Turtle Cay showed up for the FNM event. This is not good.

Sources tell us that the bickering inside the FNM is intensifying and the problems for North Abaco are getting worse by the day or the opposition.

This weekend Prime Minister Christie dispatched his senior viceroy and election machinist Philip Brave Davis, Party Chairman Bradley Roberts, Shane Gibson and Ryan ‘Da Lion’ Pinder into North Abaco on Saturday.

Davis, who told Party Generals he wanted no less than 30 seats in Parliament on May 7th, was one seat short following the General Election. Davis is making sure Christie’s massive majority will make smooth legislation for Constitutional Reform; and the big win in North Abaco will deliver that promise to the Party Leader.

Davis is taking no prisoners in North Abaco and we are told is meeting with key FNM generals by the day here in Nassau and Abaco as major defections are taking place in the FNM!

Ryan Pinder, we can confirm, organized the largest gathering on the Cay since the campaigning began. Pinder and Curry represent the team of New Generation Leaders of the PLP who represent thousands of young Bahamian voices in Government.

Green Turtle Cay has a special affection for ‘Da Lion’. As one voter told him, “I heard your roar from the steps of Parliament against Papa Clown way up here.”

The year 2012 will become the worst year ever for the FNM. They lost the Government. Ingraham has left them high and dry and after North Abaco’s cut-yinna-know-what, a “political bloodbath” will flow within the FNM like never seen before.




  1. BP I find this so upsetting and untrue. I wish that you would report the truth and not what either party tells you. I am a local of Green Turtle Cay and YES I am and FNM but I always tend toput aside my feelings of both parties and try to hear them out. On Saturday the FNM did have a function here in Green Turtle Cay but whoever told you that Mrs. Butler-Turner brought all of these person behind her are down right lying. Yes there were a few person that came but they came on there own as Mrs. Butler-Turner spent the weekend on the Island and what was there was about 95% locals. I do not know why these people do not stop lying and get the facts straight.(I mean on both sides) The PLP had a funstion on the same day and they seemed to have brought mpre supporters over than us. So why don’t they talk that. Why, don’t they talk that Ryan Pinder went to a well know FNM place in Green Turtle Cay also know as the FNM head quarters and tried to DEMAND it for the PLP and he got run. Why, please tell me why do you think you just because your party is in power can DEMAND such things. This is someones building. Are they crazy.
    I also find it crazt that on the first day of school Mr. Pinder and the PLP went into our school and some what pushed the school supplies on oujr kids and we FNM supporters said nothing. On Saturday Mr. Gomez came and had supplies for the kids and as the PLP supporters stood outside and we called for their kids to come freely they would not allolw them to come. Instead they stood in the road in frontof their kids and talk about Mr. Gomez and the FNM like they were dogs. Something wrong with this picture here. Atleast we gave you the freedom to come and except the supplies. Our kids were not given that freedom as the PLp went to the school and the kids or parents were not allowed to say NO.
    So in closing I say to you that whoever told you that only 15 supporters showed up that is a lie. Please I ask that we all realize that we are one. We have to live together after this Bi-Election and we all will enjoy the good or bad from the PLP Governmant. I mean come on why is it that you can speak to me all other times but the minute you see me in a red shirt you turn your head. People PLEASE grow up.

  2. They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Even the PLP supporters came to enjoy the down home GTC food! You will know who they are by their shirts!And trust me if the PLP don’t soon get Ryan from around some of these GTC PLP’s, even Ryan won’t be voting PLP no mo’!! Go ahead count da people…and they een come from Grand Bahama..born and bred GTC!!

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