Foulkes says he knows of no victimization by the FNM and Minnis said yes it happened – Well lets help him; Does Lady Russell ring a bell?


How about the drive by on Al Jarrett? Or the Customs and Police officers who were all PLPs?

Dear Editor,

Why was the relationship between Maynard and some FNMs strained?

I wish to respond to a letter to the editor which I suspect was written by a coward PLP letter writer whose aim and objective are to sow seeds of disunity in the FNM. The letter was not signed by the suspected PLP but “A loyal FNM and Minnis Supporter”.

As I said before, the assertion that the FNM engaged in victimization while in office is not true and such an allegation cannot be substantiated by the record.

I know of no incidents where any of my colleague ministers, including the former Prime Minister, engaged in the practice of victimization.

Indeed, our Leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis, has stated emphatically that he was not personally involved in victimizing anyone while he was minister and was unaware of any specific decisions taken in this regard.

The Rt. Hon Hubert Ingraham and FNM Ministers made it a hallmark of successive administrations to serve for the betterment of all Bahamians including their political opponents.

It must never be forgotten that Hubert Ingraham and the FNM were forced to broadcast their 1992 general election campaign message from Florida because the PLP-led Government refused to permit the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (ZNS) to freely cover the campaign.

Mr. Ingraham and other FNMs suffered tremendous victimization at the hands of the PLP.  The FNM has always been and remains inextricably bound to principles of good governance, accountability, transparency and fairplay in Government.  The FNM has always loathed victimization and finds its practice abhorrent.

Political victimization by the PLP did not begin with the new Christie-led Government.  This was standard practice for the Pindling-led PLP which doled out political favours to supporters and punished opponents

The first FNM Government led by Hubert Ingraham brought all those despicable practices to an end.  Wherever possible and practicable the influence of politicians was removed from all applications to the Government for any service, permit or franchise.

Sadly, since the general election some of the terrible victimizing traits from the Pindling-era of the PLP have been reintroduced.

The new Christie-led Government is terminating employment contracts without cause, discontinuing job-creation programmes and stopping and cancelling small public works contracts for required works being competently carried out by Bahamian companies especially in the Family Islands – all with a view to dispensing favours to the PLP faithful while victimizing FNMs.

It is clear to all who wish to see that the Christie-led PLP has engaged in the practice of victimization which has put many Bahamians on the unemployment line. The PLP slogan “Bahamians First” has in reality been “PLP Bahamians First”.

Sincerely yours,

Dion A. Foulkes /10-09-2012

PS: Editor’s NOTE: Dion Foulkes should be the last person to suggest he knows no incident of VICTIMIZATION. Perhaps he should look into his own records and remember how A letter confirming approval by Town Planning for Steven Close Subdivision. Nine families paid mortgages and invested 1.3 million in the development that never happened. Denise Burrows an unlicensed realtor is the individual at the center of the scam, cannot be found and is believed to have skipped town. Foulkes was the lawyer for those Bahamian some of which were granted “GOOD TITLE” by him when indeed the land titles were a fraud. It is no wonder Hubert Minnis’ leadership is crumbling. Look who he has speaking on behalf of the party!?


  1. He should reveal how the PLP under Sir Pindling helped and supported his family including educating him and his siblings amongst other generous givings and gettings!

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