Ragsheet Lies about Christie’s Health – The Punch is one of the Three Lying wonders of the world


Tabloid say Christie was home when photos prove Christie was at a public event the same day and hour…

Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G Christie attends the funeral for Wendell Franklyn Francis Jr, at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, September 1 AFTERNOON. The same day The Punch claimed he had a medical condition. WHAT A DAMN LIE! How could Christie me here and home the same time?

Nassau, Bahamas — A woman who is a die-hard supporter of Perry Christie has now branded the Punch as one of the top three lying wonders of the world. The first is Hubert Ingraham, she said, and the second is his lapdog Zhivargo Laing. She then added the twice weekly Punch Tabloid must be the third.

She branded the outlandish lie posted on the front page of this morning’s newspaper against Prime Minister Perry Christie as the worst ever in the publication.

According to the Punch, the daily claimed doctors had to send Mr. Christie home on Saturday September 1st, as he felt ill as he worked that weekend. The Paper claimed two doctors were called along with medical teams, but nothing could be further from the truth.

But big as billy, while the Punch reports Mr. Christie was taking bed rest under doctor’s orders, that same afternoon of Saturday September 1st was the evening scores of Bahamians were celebrating the life of an Anglican Churchman at a cathedral in the east and guess who sat in front of the church all afternoon? Prime Minister Perry Christie; or was it, according to the Punch, a hologram of Mr. Christie?

The diehard supporter of Christie said to friends, “I only does buy the papers now a days to change the cat litter and wash the car windows; these days the newspapers and terlet papers cannot even lie straight. You can see straight through the lie as if it was glass they are printing. How could you say Mr. Christie was rushed home when posted all over the internet is the same PM in Church.” [http://www.thebahamasweekly.com/publish/bis-news-updates/Prime_Minister_attends_the_funeral_for_Wendell_Franklyn_Francis_Jr23824.shtml ]

Boy I tell ya, If ya don’t laugh you will cry!

Flopped FNM event in North Abaco has forced embattle leader to suspend his campaign and return to Nassau. Hubert Ingraham also withdraw from North ABACO this weekend after residents claim wide support for the GOLD RUSH Candidate. Huge defections are underway within the FNM. Residents refuse to wear red shirts.

Meanwhile, while the Punch argues that the interim leader of the FNM is putting pressure on the PLP, Loretta Butler-Turner is applying serious pressure on Dr. Minnis.

And the pressure for the leadership of the FNM is so intense, it is believed that tensions between forces trying to topple Minnis were also responsible for the death of the Party’s Chairman who dropped dead of a massive heart attack and died alongside a lonely road in North Abaco.

Dion Foulkes, one of the forces trying to topple Minnis, had that same Monday before Maynard died clashed with comments of Victimization with the embattled leader in the Guardian that day.

This weekend while Minnis flew to Nassau to silence forces suspected to be behind the pending coup d’état, Butler-Turner flew to North Abaco and sailed into Green Turtle Cay begging FNMs to support her as leader.

We can report only a small handful of supporters are behind the party’s candidate, and Hubert Ingraham has since withdrawn from the campaign, particularly after a woman cussed out the former leader and blamed him for the Party’s defeat on May 7th. Well, we know how he responds to cut yinner-know-what-we-want-say.

Hubert Ingraham was spotted in Nassau this weekend driving an old black Ford Crown Victoria. One woman who spotted the ousted PM said, “He looked like he was driving a funeral car; perhaps it is the sign of his pending defeat in North Abaco.”

It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!