FNM Ian-Marie Darville and PLP Alfred Sears could now step in to offer representation for the people of Fort Charlotte!


Andre Rollins set to return to the political wilderness for the next three years and be out of Front Line Politics for GOOD!

FNM Ian-Marie Darville and PLP Alfred Sears

New Blood is now being eyed for the people of Fort Charlotte – PLP could apologize to constituency for poor representation of current MP!

Nassau, Bahamas — Major political parties are this afternoon gearing up to position a person in the seat of Fort Charlotte as developments continue with sitting MP Andre Rollins.

Bahamas Press has learnt the embattled MP could be expelled from the PLP this coming Thursday in a special called meeting of the council. Some 300 angry Fort Charlotte residents are expected to gather outside that meeting and call for the head of the Wutless Jackass MP.

Rollins, speaking like a man just out of Sandilands, began attacking the PLP party on his feet in Parliament. He resigned as majority whip and was then fired as Gaming Board Chairman by the Acting PM Brave Davis.

What is interesting now is the fact that not even the FNM wants anything to do with the rogue MP. Sources deep in The Fort Charlotte Association of the FNM are now canvassing young attorney and daughter of Ruth Bowe-Darville, Ian-Marie ‘JAN’ Darville, in the constituency.

BP was live when Ian-Marie introduced herself to some Association Members a few weeks ago. But if that isn’t enough, BP has learnt former MP and current COB Chairman Alfred Sears is now in secret talks behind closed doors in the PLP to become the next MP for the area.

Bahamas Press supports the move for Sears, who delivered the most cogent and exhilarating presentations in the former session of Parliament – one when he called Hubert Ingraham an absolute “Jackass” while on his feet in the House.

One hardcore PLP and attorney told BP, “Rollins has brought absolutely nothing to the PLP! He is a complete failure. He is a damn liar! And he has miserably failed the people of Fort Charlotte when he refused to meet with his own constituency branch for more than one year. He is not playing with a full deck of cards in his head. Maybe that piss slap from Loretta did something to him, but from then to now he has not been the same.”

One woman upon hearing the return of Sears ran out of her front door with her hands in the air screaming, “Das the mann…Das the man! Sears is my mannnn!”

Meanwhile the damn DNA don’t even have an active branch in Fort Charlotte, yet much less a candidate. As one political observer noted, “They in the DNA are a Pure waste of time.”

The party’s [DNA] former candidate for the area, Mark Humes, has returned back home to the FNM.

We report yinner decide!