Breaking News… BIG Row between Roberts and Rollins


Fort Charlotte MP must put up or shut up PLP Chairman says….

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts....

Bradley B. Roberts

National Chairman

Progressive Liberal Party

We will see hell freeze over and the second coming before Andre Rollins blackmails a PLP government or organization because his egomaniacal and selfish genotype prevents him from reasonable and balanced behavior and being a team player. If he is so dissatisfied in the leadership of the PLP, he can freely leave just as he freely joined the organization.

Further, Rollins must put up or shut up over these idle threats and claims of disrespect by the Prime Minister and acts of malfeasance by “others.” If Rollins has information and proof of anything, lay the same on the table or shut the hell up and go sit down.

He was sent to Parliament to do the people’s business, but instead he strokes his over-sized ego by repeatedly “hustling” the media for headlines. These salacious outbursts and self-serving antics do not serve the public’s interest, but denigrate the nobility of public service and the Parliamentary process to spectacles for entertainment.

Here is person who existed on the political fringes until the PLP brought him in from the cold, gave him political life and a public platform from which to advance the cause of the people of Fort Charlotte. He squandered his opportunity at public service by abandoning the people who sent him to Parliament; attacking the leader of the country and the party; and managing to get fired from the posts of Gaming Board Chairman and Majority Whip.

Further, in addition to abandoning his constituents, his parliamentary pronouncements are out of step with the wishes of the people who sent him there to represent their interests; this is dereliction of duty of the first order.