FNM May 2nd Victory Celebrated with a Walk-a-thon today!


election_9999_56Under the Patronage of the Rt. Honourable Hubert Alexander Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Leader of the Free National Movement, The Women’s Association and the Torchbearers of the Free National Movement will host a victory Walk-a-thon to commemorate The Free National Movement’s success at the Polls on May 2nd 2007. Under the theme: “Three times tested, Three times proven, Youth approved”

Step 1: Register! Registration at the starting line beginning at 6:00AM or Fill in the registration form along with your $20.00 registration fee in advance (includes shirt).

Please contact Linda Treco @394-2555, Elizabeth Thompson @ 376-2757 or Maria Campbell @ 393-0155.

Step 2: Raise Funds! Collect pledges to help raise awareness for Sister Sister Cancer Support Group and the fight against cancer and PACE an initiative for Teen Mothers.

Walk with the Free National Movement Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.

6:45am Start – Party Headquarters Mackey Street

Prizes, Blood Pressure and Diabetes checks and Refreshments will be on sale.


  1. Media
    Just a suggestion. Do a poll to see where both parties stand todate. That should be interesting.

  2. I give the fnm overall a D. For The major screw-up of contracts,( don’t ask me, ask Standard & Poors). Which had a deleterious effect on the economy.

    I give them a B for their clean-up efforts, and for placing proper signage on the western esplanade, and other areas.

  3. Here is my FNM grade report:
    1) Economy – F
    2) Crime Rate – F
    3) Education – F
    4) NIB – D+
    5) Tourism – C
    6) Investor Confidence – D+
    7) Environmental Issues – D+
    8) Health – C
    9) National Security – F
    10)Judiciary – D+
    11)Unemployment – D
    12)Works and Lands – D+
    13)Cleanliness – D
    14)MP’s(all of them) – D+
    Individually- Tommy Turnquest, Brent Symmonette, Zhivargo Laing, Earl Deveaux, Carl Bethel, Hubert Minnis- Failure, failure, failure
    15)Prime Minister – F

  4. Good Lord the country dun gone gone all they do is borrow and blame. This FNM is really a shame shame shame. We need a new Government we need a real solution cuz the FNM is draging is to shame. We want our Country back. We need new Leadership. We need a Plan. I am tired hearing I dont Know from the Prime Minister. Aint long know for I dont knows. SHAME SHAME SHAME…

  5. Yes the FNM has been tested three time and proven to have failed all three of the times and if the youth approve of their performance it is no wonder why our BGCSE and BJC result is a ‘D’ average.This FNM team has no vision or plans for this country.The country’s economy is rapidly declining each day and the only response from government is to borrow more American dollars that’s like a drunk man trying to become sober by drinking more rum!We need to rid this country of the law firm of Christie,Ingraham and co.Both of these gentle men had little ideas and no plans when they first became elected to parliament and now the little ideas they had are all exhausted and outdated.

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